Pom pom wine glass charms
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Pom-Pom Wine Glass Charms Tutorial

Pair your wine with good friend and these easy to make pom pom wine glass charms. They are oh-so-cute, plus no one’s drink will get mixed up. They are also a perfect addition to a hostess gift when you put them together with a bottle of wine or a special wine glass. You can make them in any color combo you want, the possibilities are endless. Find the full tutorial below and get started on a set of your own.

DIY Pom-pom Wine Glass Charms

Adding Flair with Pom Pom Wine Glass Charms

I must confess that I have been a little obsessed with pom pom making lately. I purchased an inexpensive pom pom maker (yes that’s a real thing) and started crafting pom pom projects in all sizes. I’ve made a pom pom blanket, hair clips, ornaments, present toppers, and of course, wine glass charms. The list is long my friends, but I’ve had so much fun with this latest obsession.

More Pom Pom Craft Ideas

Making anything with pom poms is really easy, and with so many colors of yarn available there are plenty of options. When it comes to the pom pom wine glass charms you can make a set for every occasion and holiday. They make a thoughtful hostess gift, stocking stuffer, or addition to a bottle of wine or wine glass. Plus, you can use them as part of a gift and as a decoration. Here are a couple of gifting ideas below.

Gifting with Pom Pom Wine Glass Charms

Burlap gift bag for pom-pom wine glass charms.


Make a small pouch with some scrap fabric (like these, or these) to put them in and attach a simple gift tag. Or you can save a little time and order these from Amazon (pictured above).

Wine glass charms with wine


String your wine glass charms on a ribbon with a cute gift tag and tie them to a favorite bottle of wine. They will love the combo and it looks pretty too!

Put wine glass charms in a wine glass.


You can also put the whole set in a special wine glass with some tinsel or by themselves. Then pop them in a gift bag to give away. Or get an entire set of wine glasses and use your pom pom wine glass charms to decorate the box.

Pom Pom Wine Glass Charm Tutorial

Ok, so let’s get started on the instructions on how to make these easy DIY wine glass charms.

What you will need:

  • Pom pom maker. Buy it HERE. You can make pom poms without it but because of the small size of these it is much easier to have the maker. Plus, you get four different sizes to do all sorts of other crafts and it’s really inexpensive.
  • Yarn. I recommend at least three different colors of an inexpensive type. It’s easier to create combinations that way.
  • Wire Charm Rings. I bought a pack of 50 from Amazon so I could make several sets for gifts (and a few for myself).
  • Scissors

Step #1: Wrap your yarn.

Smallest pom pom maker
Wrap your yarn for step 1 of making wine glass charms.

Using your smallest size pom pom maker, begin wrapping your first color of yarn around one set of arches.

One side wrapped.

Wrap the yarn along the entire arch in layers until you have enough thickness but can still close it.

Both sides wrapped.

Repeat on the other side.

Step #2: Cut the yarn.

Cutting the yarn for wine glass charms.

Now take your scissors. In the crease between arches cut your yarn along the full length and on both side. Continue to keep the sides of the pom pom maker closed.

How it should look.

Your pom pom should now look like this.

Step #3: Tie your yarn.

Tying your pom pom for wine glass charms.

Next, take another piece of yarn and slide it between the arches. Be sure to pull tight as you tie a knot to hold your pom pom together.

Leave extra yarn.

Leave the extra yarn hanging for now. Believe it or not there is a pom pom in there.

Step#4: Remove the maker.

Remove the pom pom maker.

To release your pom pom simply life the arches and pull the maker apart to take your pom pom out.

Pom pom out of maker for wine glass charms.

Here’s your pom pom. But don’t worry, we aren’t quite done yet.

Step#5: Give Your Pom Pom a Trim

Trim your pom pom.

Shape your pom pom to perfection by trimming any stray pieces or correcting any unevenness. Be sure to leave the long pieces you used to tie the pom pom together.

Step #6: Attach the Wire Ring

Attach the wire ring for wine glass charms.

String your write ring on one of the long yarn pieces. Then tie it on with a tight knot.

Clip the tail of you pom pom.

Lastly, clip the long yarn ends to the same length as the rest of the yarn pieces.

Ta-Da! It’s Finished!

Finished pom pom wine glass charms.

Aren’t they so cute?! You can make them in sets of 5 or 6 and any colors you want. Here are a few sets I made:

All The Colors!

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