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Make This DIY Craft With Love: Heart Sign Decor

Love is in the air, or in this case on the wall or your front door. Here’s a quick and cute project to do for any DIYer. Use this as part of your Valentine’s home decor or keep the warm fuzzies going by having it on display everyday. Follow this DIY craft tutorial below to make your own love lives here heart sign.

Make Your Own Heart Sign Tutorial

A DIY Craft You Love

I am all about handmade home decor, gifts, and items I can use daily. This love lives here sign is a DIY craft that is especially made from the heart. Plus, it is simple enough for anyone to make.

My biggest blessing in life is my family and the home my husband and I have created. I’m not talking about the house we live in but rather the atmosphere that exists within its walls.

In other words, it’s


Raising a family and loving them hard is something to be celebrated. Which is why I adore the sentiment of love lives here. Because it truly does!

And not just beyond our front door where our sign hangs, but the message stays with us wherever we go.

Two methods to choose from.

The lettering of the sign can be done one of two ways.

The first method I will go over is by using your Cricut to create a stencil.

The second method is for those DIYers that don’t own a Cricut. It may take a little extra time but it is just an easy.

What you need for this DIY Craft

DIY craft supplies
  • Wooden heart sign (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • White acrylic paint (optional if you are leaving the heart unfinished)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Accents of choice (floral, greens, etc.)
  • Small hot glue gun
  • Small paint brushes
For the Cricut method:
  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Transfer paper
For the non-Cricut method
  • Printer paper
  • Printer
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie or paint pen

DIY Tutorial for Love Lives Here Heart Sign

Step #1: Sand your heart (optional).

DIY craft: sand your heart sign.

This particular wood heart had a rough finish, which I like, but because of that I decided to sand it to give it a little smoother finish. This helps when applying the painted lettering.

Step #2: Paint your heart (move on the step 3 if you’ve purchased a painted heart or if you are leaving it the natural wood finish).

Paint your heart sign.

Apply your acrylic paint with a small paint brush. I left some of the wood showing for a rustic look but you can cover it completely if you prefer.

DIY craft: rustic paint.

Closer look.

Done painting the heart sign.

Finished painting.

Step #3: Using one of these methods apply the lettering.

Method 1: using your Cricut.

Love Lives Here
  • Create your cut in Cricut Design Studio
  • I used the fonts CopprplGoth BT and Sketchbook. I made each word roughly 4”W x 1.75”H. You can also download the image above to import by clicking on it. If you are a beginner you can find a tutorial on creating and cutting your project here on YouTube
  • Make your vinyl cut.
DIY Craft: create vinyl stencil.
  • After your Cricut does the cut, separate each word and remove the letters with your Cricut tool. You’ve now created a stencil for your words.
Using transfer tape
  • Apply a cut piece of transfer paper over your stencil. Start in the middle and smooth out to the sides.
DIY craft: securing transfer tape.
  • Use your Cricut tool to make sure the vinyl is stuck to the transfer paper.
Removing vinyl backing.
  • Peel off the vinyl backing.
Placing stencil on heart.
  • Now you can place your vinyl stencil on your wood heart. Use your Cricut tool to press it firmly down and get rid of any bubbles.
DIY craft: pressing vinyl.
  • Then peel off the transfer paper and flatten again.
DIY craft: painting with vinyl stencil
  • Using a small paint brush apply your black paint to the stencil letters.
  • Allow to dry completely before removing the vinyl.
removing vinyl
  • After the paint has dried completely remove the vinyl stencil carefully.

Method 2: Pencil stencil.

If you don’t own a Cricut this method is a simple way to apply wording to a sign by hand.

DIY craft method 2: Print out word doc.
  • First create a word document using the word or words you want to apply on your sign. Choose the font and appropriate size.
  • Then print your document.
Pencil Stencil
  • On the back side of your word document use a pencil or a piece of chalk and color in the area where your wording is. Hold the pencil at a side angle.
DIY Craft: tracing with pen
  • Next place your paper on your sign surface. You can tape it down to hold it in place if that helps. Then use a pen to firmly trace the words.
Pencil stencil
  • When you are done tracing pull your paper off your sign surface and you will be left with a neat stencil of your words!
Sharpie to trace stencil.
DIY Craft: paint in stencil.
  • You can then take a sharpie or a paint pen and paint along the edges of your words. Then fill in your letters with a small paint brush and acrylic paint.
Finished hand stencil.
  • Now you are ready to move onto the next step.

Step #4: Add your accents.

Add accents to your DIY crafts

With your hot glue gun add your accents. For mine I choose a small piece of lambs ear, hydrangea, and a cotton pod. I kept the colors neutral but you can totally add a pop of color depending on your style.

Project Complete!!!

DIY craft complete!
Hang it on the door.

It’s so cute, right?!?! I’m hanging mine on my front door for the month of February since it Valentine’s Day. But I love it so much I think it will find a place in my entry way after that.

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