Mom Hat Cricut Project
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Easy Mom Hat Cricut Project For Every Crafter

Us moms love to wear our role proudly. Here’s an easy DIY Cricut project for all the Mommas who are crazy about a stylish mom hat. It’s perfect for any activity from youth sports event to play dates. Check out the easy tutorial below.

Easy Cricut Project: Mom Hat

Creating a Cricut Project Design

There are endless possibilities when creating a design for your Cricut projects. Within your design studio program you have access to many fonts and images that are both free and available to purchase.

One way I have expanded my ability to get more free fonts and images in by using the free ap Canva.

In Canva I can easily create my designs, use additional fonts, and grab a ton of free illustrations to upload that I use for my Cricut projects.

Canva has both a basic version that is free, or a pro version for a small monthly fee. The no-cost version is perfect. Plus if there are fonts or illustrations that you really want you can purchase them individually just like in the Design Studio.

Mom Hat Tutorial

What you will need for your mom hat Cricut project:

Mom hat in Camo with beige
Mesh vinyl for mom hat

Step #1: Upload design.

Mama design for Mom hat

If you want the exact design I created in my Canva Ap you can simply click the image above for the free design.

After you download it you can upload it into your Cricut design space as you would any other image.

The size of my design was approximately 1.5” x 0.75”. However, you can adjust it to your preferred measurements.

Step #2: Cut your vinyl.

Cutting your vinyl for Cricut Project

After you have your design all set it’s time to cut the vinyl. First, using a pair of scissors cut a piece of vinyl that fits the size you need.

Just like regular iron-on vinyl you will place your piece shiny side down on your Cricut mat. Press it down so that it is flat and insert the mat into your Cricut.

Be sure that your mirror image is on and you have the material set to iron-on. Click the cut button.

Step #3: Prepare for application.

Cricut project: removing extra vinyl
Cricut Project: ready for application

After your design has been cut you can remove the access vinyl using your Cricut tool.

I don’t have a hat press but if you do, great. If not, you will need to find a way that works for you to iron your design onto your hat. Because the hat is naturally curved I like to use something that keeps its shape while ironing.

A roll of toilet paper works, as well as a smaller soccer ball. You can also make it work by placing your hat on the narrow end of your ironing board.

Step #4: Iron on your design.

Next, place your design where you want it. I put mine in the lower right corner. Then cover with a piece of parchment paper.

Because of the small size of this design I just used my iron. However, your Cricut easy press or your Cricut mini press is great too and will deliver a nice even heat.

Carefully run your iron or press over your design. Then, slowly peel off the plastic layer. Place your parchment over your design and give it a good once-over with the iron or press making sure it is adhered.

Mom Hat Cricut Project

Ta-da! Your mom hat is ready to rock.

Note: I love the subtlety of this hat, but remember you can make your design any size you want and position it wherever you prefer. An example would be a larger size placed in the middle, which would also be super cute!

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  1. I am still pretty new to the cricut and this step by step guide is really helpful! Im excited to make this project for myself!

  2. I like how you separate designing and making the vinyl into different steps. I doubt I could complete it, but am more willing to try with your precise instructions.

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