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Mother’s Day Instagram Template Questionnaire For Your Kids

Let’s have a little fun as Mother’s Day 2020 approaches by sharing some information about ourselves straight from the mouths of our kids. This year might be a little different as we celebrate under stay-at-home and social distancing orders. However, you can pass along this small activity to honor the job of moms everywhere.

Mother's Day Templates for Instagram or Facebook Stories

Virtual Mother’s Day Fun

With the situation around the world as it is we are finding new and different ways to celebrate milestones and special days.

Much of our interaction with friends and extended family is done through technology in order to maintain social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So I decided to create a fun little template that you can share with your fellow mom friends via your Instagram or Facebook stories.

How to Get the Mother’s Day Template

It’s an easy peasy 1-step process. All you need to do is click HERE or the image below to enter your email and have the templates sent straight to your inbox. That’s it. Easiest thing you’ve done all day, right?

Mother's Day templates

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Question Your Kids

Once you’ve downloaded the template from your email, ask your kids the questions while you add in the answers with texts and emojis on your IG or Facebook stories.


  1. What year was mom born?
  2. What is mom’s favorite drink?
  3. What is mom’s favorite food?
  4. What is mom really good at?
  5. What makes mom happy?
  6. How are you and mom the same?

Tag a Fellow Mom

Lastly, tag another mom you know so that they can do it too, then private message them with the link to this posts so they can easily grab their own template. It’s really cute to read what kids have to say about their Mommas. ❤️

Enjoy Your Day

On that note, I’m wishing all you wonderful Mommies out there a blessed and wonderful Mother’s Day. You deserve it!

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