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Stuffed Animal Storage Idea that’s Beats All the Rest

Stuffed animals. It’s a collection that every kid has and it starts from birth. By the time your kid is 5 years old you have a plethora of fuzzy creatures that you never know what to do with and always make a room look messy. Since many of these little critters hold sentimental value (either for you or your child), you find yourself hanging on to them rather than getting rid of them. You try organizing them on shelves or in the corner of the room. You shove them in the closet or under the bed, but no matter what they basically end up everywhere. Well worry no more because we have found the stuffed animal storage solution that we wish we had discovered years ago.

Stuffed animal storage

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Need Stuffed Animal Storage? We Found It.

When we look for storage solutions there are a few things that make an item stand out. We know we want it to help us organize our stuff, whatever that stuff may be. If it can clear our space and hide our clutter its a win.

But the one thing that gives it the edge is if it can be of dual purpose. We love things that function as two things at once.

So when we came across this stuffed animal storage bean bag, we knew we had to give it a try. Turns out it was the perfect solution to our pile of stuffed animals scattered around the house.

Here’s what all those stuffed animals looked like before….

Stuffed animals everywhere

Time and time again we arranged this pile so that all the animals we neatly stacked in sitting position and looking out from their merry grouping. And time and time again they ended up in a pile of assorted colors of fluff, paws, doll arms, and doll legs mixed together in a spread out mess.

Then we found THE bean bag!

Storage bean bag

We were so excited to rip this package open and stuff all those little critters inside.

Double zipper for two sizes

There are several brands of stuffed animal storage bean bags you can buy, but what makes this particular one so special is that it is 2 sizes in one! It actually zips and unzips to use in a smaller or expanded size. And even the small size fits a tone of of stuffed animals in it.

Packing away stuffed animals
Stuffed animal storage bean bag

This is the bean bag zipped up to the smaller size and we were still able to fit 55 stuffed animals and a mermaid tale blanket inside!! Not only does it clear our space and make it look sooo much tidier, it gives kids a great place to sit and read or relax.

Ta Da! Here’s how it looks after…

All packed up in our stuffed animal storage bean bag

You can find this stuffed animal storage bean bag on Amazon. There are several prints to choose from too! Trust us when we say, it is worth checking it out. We know you will love it as much as we do.

Here’s where you can get your stuffed animal storage bean bag:

Link to buy

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