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The Perfect Healthy Diet Day for Busy Moms (or Anyone)

Sometimes all it takes to stick to a healthy diet is a plan and preparation. Moms are busier than ever these days. Heck, people are busier than ever, but moms especially. It seems that the demand to keep up with homework, school events, sports, activities, and your kids’ social lives requires more energy as they get older. On top of that there is housework, volunteering, budgeting, groceries, endless cooking, squeezing time in with your spouse, and if you work outside the home, your job. The idea of eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise and sleep for yourself is exhausting. However, as challenging as it can be, it should be your number one priority to take care of yourself. Luckily, I’m making the healthy diet part simple for you with a ready made plan for the perfect healthy diet day, along with alternate choices to cover your whole week.

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Kitchen Tools for the Healthy Eater

Healthy Eater

I’ve been a healthy eater for a long time now and having the right kitchen tools has made it easier to make good choices. It was in my early 20s when I realized my teenage metabolism wasn’t going to last forever after all, and I probably needed to broaden my diet to healthier food options than the Doritos and Hamburger Helper I was eating (and yes, sometimes both in the same meal).

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