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Baby Eczema: The One Product that will Improve It

Treating Baby Eczema

There is nothing sweeter or softer than the skin of your newborn baby. However, for many their entrance into the world can introduce skin irritations like baby eczema. Treating their sensitive skin can be tricky as you must try to avoid anything that might be too harsh. My three youngest kids (I have five total) went through a terrible stage of baby eczema. My daughter, who was baby number four, had things twice as bad and also had baby acne. I tried so many products and recommended remedies but nothing seemed to work. Finally, about a month after having my youngest son, someone recommended a product I would have never thought of. I’m not sure which was more surprising, the fact that it worked so well, or that it took me five kids to finally find a solution to treating baby eczema.

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