About Us

The story of how a detective was born…

I’ve  tried a lot of different types of work.  Most often I give it my all for a while but eventually I got bored, or burned out, or realize it was not my calling.  I’m not known for finishing the things that I start and I certainly haven’t had a successful paying career to speak of, until now perhaps.  However, there are two things I have consistently done my whole life.  Write and experiment with diy projects that range from cooking, to at home beauty treatments, to household decor.  My dream always was to have a writing career. I’m even officially educated with a Bachelor’s in English and all.  It seems though that life came before my chase to reach those goals.  Marriage, babies, failed business, divorce, marriage, babies, money, babies.  None of which I would change in order to have achieved them sooner.  All those winding side paths have led me here, with a load of experiences and the motivation to write about them.

This isn’t the first time I’ve owned a blogging site.  I’ve had three others.  Yes, three.  I was never able to settle on a niche with any of the other ones, which is what all the experts suggest you have when you decide to blog.  My other blogs were generic and lacked originality.  I kept thinking to myself “what do I do,” “what am I good at?”  Nothing, really, I would think.  I’m a mom, that’s not super uncommon.  I do have five kids which sort of sets me a part but there are loads of mom blogs out there to compete with.  So my blogs floundered.  Partly because they were not unique and partly because I didn’t think they were good enough and didn’t want to waste my time and effort.  So finally one day I asked myself again “what do I do”.  The answer came in the question.  What I do is….I do.  I do things the hard way rather than taking the easy route.  I do my own hair dying, I copycat recipes, I turn to Google, Pinterest, and YouTube to find answers to problems I need solved.  So why not take all of that, review each one, and post it.  Sort of like the Rotten Tomato ratings of the DIY world.  That’s how I hatched my brain child.  This blog is titled “DIY Detectives” because although I may be the only content provider (for now) I decided it was best to represent the people who are haphazardly affected by my constant experimenting with meals, my hair, and the appearance of our house….my family.  They are the ones I laugh with when an epic diy failure occurs and the ones who say “mmmmm” at the dinner table when we hit the nail on the head with a new recipe.  They are the life that goes into these pages as we live our days, one do-it-yourself project at a time.

Photo credit: Pamela Marches Photography