The Best Workout on the Web: She’s Got Body

Best Workout

If you want to feel motivated to workout, find a routine that you like. It’s easier to fire up your ambition and get the most out of exercise when you find the best workout for YOU. Years ago I found this great workout on Pinterest called “She’s Got Legs”. However, as the title indicates it was a workout that was aimed primarily at toning your legs. I really liked it, but I wanted to tone my entire body. So rather than looking for a different workout I revamped my favorite one and made it into a total body strengthening routine. It now gives your body the best workout all over and it can be done anywhere with just a set of weights and a mat or towel.

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The Best Coffee that will Improve Your Skin, Hair, & Nails

Healthy coffee for better skin, hair, and nails.

I love my morning cup of coffee. Like, LOVE it. It’s the first thing I crave as soon as I wake up and I can’t seem to start my day without it. Addicted? Yes, but hey, we all have our vices. I also love finding easy health and beauty hacks that I can work into my routines at home. I’m all about getting the most benefit from the lowest amount of time and effort. As a mom of five, taking care of myself can be challenging so any helpful tips that come my way are tricks I want to share with other busy ladies. So when I discovered that I could get healthy skin, hair, and nails by adding just one thing to my coffee in the morning, I was all over it. Trust me, this is the best coffee that every woman should be drinking in the morning.

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How to Get Smooth and Toned Legs.

Whether you are in heels or flip flops this season we have the best advice on how to get smooth and toned legs.

Your legs are on full display in the summertime. Beach days, pool time, shorts, and mini dresses are the guilty parties. We ladies have to shave more often, moisturize daily, and unless your skin is naturally darker get some color on our pasty whites. My daughter will one day realize how lucky she is to have gotten her creamy olive skin tone from her handsome Latino daddy. So what do we want this summer? We want to get silky smooth and tightly toned legs of course.

Strong legs are the new sexy and you can get (or keep) those legs looking fit with our favorite leg workout. Yeah, sorry, no magic pill here. You are required to do a little work to achieve this. But trust me, once you start to see results, and you will, you’ll be motivated to make this workout a habit.

Toned legs are not all though. No one wants to be seen with shave bumps, rough skin, or cellulite. Well, we found the answer to that as well in a simple beauty routine that is quick and doesn’t cost you a load of money.

This summer you can show off those legs in confidence. Toned, silky smooth, and ready for that cute bikini or those rad daisy dukes. Follow our advice below and get the legs you want this summer.

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28-Day Workout Plan | No equipment, do anywhere.

Recently we were asked by a friend’s teenage daughter to create a summer workout plan for her so she could stay in shape during her off season from high school sports. We of course jumped at the chance, knowing it was a great opportunity to take all of our favorite workouts from the web and put them together in an unbeatable 28 day get fit plan. Having already tested all of these workouts out we are confident that this is a great collection of exercise routines for teens and adults alike to get or stay in shape. Continue reading