Mix & Match Total Body Workout
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Mix and Match Total Body Workout with Printable

When it comes to exercising I like to keep changing things up so that I don’t get bored with my workouts. Additionally, doing varied routines helps to target different muscle groups to get all over strengthening and toning. Here’s an easy way to get a total body workout by mixing and matching exercises. Plus, you can use the free printable guide to plan out multiple fitness routines that you love.

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Places for kids to sit
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Really Cool Places for Kids to Sit

Kids love to find a cool spot of their own to read, watch a movie, or to simply just chill out. We took a cue from the flexible seating you might find in the classroom and brought it home as we searched for the coolest places for kids to sit. Some you can even make yourself by following the simple tutorial! From a fluffy floor cushion to the cutest egg chair, check out this variety of seating options for kids.

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