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Boo Basket Ideas: The Ultimate List

Boo Basket ideas

The Halloween “booing” craze is just around the corner. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate list of boo basket ideas and items to fill them with. If you have never heard of “being booed” then stick around to find out what its all about. Maybe you and your kids can start this spooktacular tradition in your neighborhood.

How to BOO

Step 1:

The first thing to do is decide who you are going to BOO. You can choose family, friends, neighbors, or anyone who might need their day (or night) made by a surprise.

Step 2:

Put together a basket or treat bag (doesn’t need to be big) and fill it with goodies. Keep on reading for some fantastic boo basket ideas on what to include. Don’t forget to add the instructions so they know what to do. You can get your FREE printables below.

Step 3:

After dark quielty sneak to their house. I recommend wearing black and a disguise if you have one. It makes things really fun and with the introductions of security cameras like The Ring you want to stay incognito. Just be sure to stay out of the streets. Safety first!

Step 4:

Leave the basket with the printables on their doorstep. Then ring the doorbell and run like the wind. My kids absolutely love the thrill of this last part, even more than they love getting booed themselves. If your boo victims are familiar with the annual tradition they will try and catch you, which is also part of the fun. After that, its up to them pass along a sneaky treat.

How to Make a Boo Basket

What to start with:

  • Halloween bucket
  • Trick or treat bag
  • Plastic witch cauldron
  • Dollar store basket
  • Orange, green, purple, or black gift bag
  • Halloween candy bowl
  • Halloween gift box

What to fill it with:

Food & Drink Ideas

Boo Basket Ideas: popcorn balls
  • Popcorn Balls (DIY)
  • Single serving snacks like goldfish or pringles
  • Cuties
  • Applesauce pouches or fruit cups
  • Jell-o
  • Peep ghosts

Favors and fun stuff:

Glow Sticks
Pop up toys
Boo basket ideas: flashlight necklace
  • Deck of cards
  • Old Maid
  • Go fish
  • Uno
Pumpkin carving kit
Halloween Slime Recipe

Halloween Reads:

Trick or treat little critter
Haunted castle on hallows eve
Harry Potter

Kid Kit Ideas

Boo basket ideas: kits
Boo basket ideas: slime making kit
  • Slime making kit- Include school glue, foam shaving cream, contact solution, and the recipe.
Caramel apple kit
  • Caramel apple kit- Apple + Individual size caramel. Additions can be mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, or crushed nuts (check for nut allergies) at the bottom.
Boo Baskets: More kits
Cookie Butter dipping kit
  • Cookie Butter & Animal Cracker dipping kit- Find them at Trader Joes

Breakfast Boo Baskets

You can also mix it up and catch your boo basket candidates off guard by delivering their surprise in the early morning. Let your kids go in their pajamas and leave breakfast on someone’s doorstep.

Pancake Boo Bucket
  • Pancake Bucket- Include pancake mix, syrup, Nesquik or Yoohoo, Halloween cups, Halloween paper plate and napkins (for easy clean up).
Monster Cinnamon Rolls
Vampire donuts
  • Vampire Donuts– Crispy Cream donuts + vampire teeth= pure cleverness. If you don’t have a crispy cream near you just visit your local bakery. Do you like to bake? Try this Crispy Cream copycat recipe.

You’re all set to get “booing”.

Now its time to get sneaky. Your Halloween night time surprise is bound to be spooktacular with these boo basket ideas. Don’t forget your free printables! Then, click on over to our Halloween Family Activities Checklist and find more fun ideas for the month of October.

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The Ultimate Boo Basket Idea List

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