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Book Club Overhaul: Revamped for Mom Life

A book club? Oh no, I don’t have time for a book club. That’s pretty much what every mom thinks when the subject of yet another activity that requires commitment comes up. Especially, when that commitment is something for her. But what if there was a way to enjoy a book with friends, whether it is personal growth or for sheer entertainment, that is easier and less time demanding for busy mommies? Well, we have it. Read more to find out how I, a mom of 5 kids and part time blogger, still squeeze in a book or two and connect with others in a small group book club.

Book Club Revamped for Busy Moms

The Book Club for Busy Moms

These days moms have so much to keep up with that sitting down to read a book can seems like a request to move mountains. But moms love to read too, so why shouldn’t we be able to take a little time to enjoy ourselves and get lost in a good book.

I especially like to experience a book with friends, but the idea of having to commit to an evening spent at a book club meeting, even if it is just once a month, gives me more anxiety than its worth. However, that sort of bums me out because the take-a-ways from book discussions with others are more impacting and eye-opening than just my own reflections.

With technology so prominent in our daily lives, it seems to be the answer on many occasion to doing things faster and with more ease. So why not turn to technology for reading too, by creating a virtual book club with a small group, and turning to audio books if the sit down versions aren’t conducive in your current stage of life.

Setting Up a Virtual Book Club

There are two really easy way to set up a virtual book club. The first is simply through a Messenger group. The second, is by creating a Facebook group. I’ll go through what to do, and any pros and cons of each.

Option 1: Setting up on Messenger

This virtual choice is best used for small groups of 4-9 people. Any more than that and the communication can get lost and confusing. Simply create a messenger group with the friends who are reading the book together and use the feed as your main source of discussion about the book.

This is the method I have used most recently with 5 other friends. The first book we read was a daily motivational devotional. So each day one of us would take the lead and message the whole group with the question or thought provoking statement that came at the end of the segment. Then, throughout the day we would all respond with our ideas, feelings, and personal experiences. It was in this group that one of my friends decided to go back to school to get her master’s degree. Another reflected on her life priorities, and I was given the confidence to pursue my professional goals.

Depending on the book, you may have daily, weekly, or monthly prompts. You can also list reading assignments for that particular week, or the deadline for finishing the book. If the book you decide on is one that doesn’t have its own questions or prompts, here are some ideas for questions to ask.

The methods for answering the prompts may also vary. You can allow everyone to respond at their convenience, like my group did. This works best with daily prompts. Or you can schedule a particular day and time, like a meeting, only from the comforts of your sofa.

Option 2: Creating a Facebook Group

Go to GROUPS on your screen or mobile Facebook ap. Click the +create button and follow the steps to create your group and add members. This option works best with groups of 10 or more. The biggest con of using Facebook for this purpose is its algorithms. They can make posts hard to find and out of order. Other than that it is a great way to organize and even if you start with a small group but anticipate more members, its a convenient way to go.

In the Facebook platform you can create daily, weekly, or monthly prompts with eye catching images. The responses stay organized in each comment feed, and it is easier to reply to individuals as you discuss questions and elements of the book. You can add dates in the status section or particular titles to make it easier to use the search bar to find posts.

Also, if the leader or any member wants to have a live meeting they can do a Facebook live video within the group and still no one has to leave their house!

I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book

–J.K. Rowling

Try Audio Books Over a Traditional Paperback

At this stage of my life I find it pretty difficult to dedicate time to sit down and read a book. By the time I am able to get some peace and quiet it is after my kids have gone to bed. Usually then, I am already tired and begin falling asleep two paragraphs in to anything I read. But I love reading. So I decided to try listening to books instead.

I generally listen to my books while I’m working out at the gym, driving my kids to their various activities, folding laundry, or while I’m sitting at a practice. Multitasking, it’s just a natural characteristic that comes with being a mom 😉

When I finally gave audio books a try it had been a while since I had read a book at all. I realized how much I missed it. Now, even if it takes me a month (or longer) to get through a book I truly enjoy being able to get lost in them again.

I use Amazon Audible and its so great. However, there are other audio book aps and choices including a few free options like the ap Libby, by OverDrive.

Let’s Review Our Steps:

  1. Enlist a group of book lovers to take part.
  2. Pick a book.
  3. Decide on which virtual platform works best for your group.
  4. Set up your platform.
  5. Start reading and discussing!

Some Book Recommendations by Genre

Each of these recommendations are available in both physical format, digital, or audio. Note: not everyone in your group has to choose the same format.

Personal Growth:

Business/Entrepreneurs/Team Building:





Go Ahead, Start Reading Together

It’s as easy as sending out a group text message to find some interested soul sister book worms. So what are you waiting for? For more good book ideas visit my Books You Can’t Put Down List. Happy reading Mommas!

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