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Easter Bunny Paw Prints + Free Template

Learn how to easily make Easter bunny paw prints around your yard or neighborhood. Kids love discovering them and it makes Easter morning extra fun. I’ve even included the paw print template for you to print out and use. Keep reading to find out how we incorporate this hoppy tradition every year. Psst, we’re kind of sneaky about it too.

Make Easter Bunny Tracks with This Free Template

How the Easter Bunny Paw Prints Got Started

Several years ago in our old neighborhood our family woke up one Easter Sunday morning to find big white bunny prints outside of our home. As we explored we found that they had appeared all down the sidewalks and in the streets of our block. Our kids were ecstatic.

We came to find out that our neighbors, who lived directly behind us were the sneaky culprits behind the mysterious bunny prints. At that time they had children in high school and I thought it was such a fun and sweet thing to do for the younger children that lived in our area.

A couple years after that we moved across town into a a new house and a new neighborhood. Which meant no more bunny paw prints on Easter morning. Insert sad face emoji.

So I told my husband that I thought we should start the tradition of leaving the bunny prints around our new neighborhood. He was all for it. God bless that man for entertaining my crazy ideas.

Now, every year we head out late the night before Easter and leave bunny tracks all around our area. One year, however, we got busted a couple times by parents (p.s. you should all go to bed sooner) and word got out that we were the ones behind the paw prints.

Since then we get a few more requests for bunny prints by houses. Our little mission now covers a several block radius and includes 3 separate neighborhoods.

Nighttime Easter Bunny Mission- Me and my Hubby

Easter Bunny Magic

Its a late night for us, but every year I go to bed after that feeling like we spread a little magic and joy around.

You certainly don’t have to do this on as grand of scale as we do. In fact, its a super simple and small task that you can do around your own house that gets a big reaction. Because, you know, sometimes its the little things that matter most.

Here’s how we create our Easter bunny paw prints and a few tips for you to do it too! Plus, you can print off the free paw print template that makes it even easier.

How to Make Easter Bunny Paw Prints

Easter Bunny Paws

What you will need:

  • Easter bunny paw print template (click image in step #1 below)
  • Cardstock
  • Flour

Step #1: Download template and print.

Free Bunny Paw Print

First, simply click the image above, enter your email, and I will send the Easter bunny paw print PDF template straight to your inbox. You will also get my monthly blog updates on the latest and greatest ideas, DIYs, and home life galore. But don’t worry, if you don’t like what you receive you can unsubscribe at any time, no worries.

Next, open you’re email and download your PDF. Print it onto a piece of card stock. Note: You can also print the template onto regular printer paper and then use it as a stencil to transfer to card board if you happen to have that on hand instead.

Step #2: Turn your template into a stencil.

Make Your Stencil

Using a scissors or exacto knife cut out the bunny paw print to create your stencil. Then fold up the edges of the card stock to prevent flour from spilling over.

Note: If you printed on regular printer paper you can use your stencil to trace onto a piece of card board and cut out the paw shape. The goal is to have a stiffer template to use for making the paw prints.

When we made our template my husband went all out. Because of the large area we spread our bunny tracks across he transferred the paw print onto wood templates that we are able to use year after year. However, the paper or card board version works great and you can remake them each year if needed without having to store them anywhere.

Step #3: Make your bunny paw prints.

Make Your Paw Print
  • To make your bunny paw prints you will need to grab a bag of flour. We empty ours into a bucket so if you have a small bucket or a bowl it makes it a little easier to scoop.
  • Lay your template flat on the ground where you want your prints to appear.
  • Then, using a small cup or a small sifter (like the kind your kids use at the beach or in the bath tub) scoop up some flour and sprinkle it over your template.
  • Lift your template straight up and dump the excess back into the bag or container.
  • Repeat this for as many bunny tracks as you want to make.

Bunny Track Fun on Easter Morning

Easter Bunny Paw Print Fun

When your kids wake up in the morning they will be in awe at all of the tracks that the Easter bunny left behind when he made their Easter basket delivery.

After a few years of doing this my kids now expect to see those big white tracks all over outside. They love every minute of spotting the next one.

Because our bunny track mission covers our whole neighborhood I feel a little sense of pride as we drive through on our way to church that day and see all of our previous night’s work 😉

Easter Bunny Tracks

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