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Spiritual Quotes That Will Build Your Strength.

Sometimes there are quotes, verses, or thoughts that we come across that stick with us.  Whether it is you or someone you know who needs to be uplifted, these spiritual quotes can offer comfort and strength.  If you are compelled to pass along the encouragement, send one of them, or the link to this post, to a friend for family member.   You never know who might need to be encouraged by these powerful statements.

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Motivational Quotes to Share with Your IG Followers.

The world already has too many critics, be an encourager. We’ve picked some motivational quotes to inspire your social media followers and give them a feel good vibe. Lift others up, or spread positive messages with your posts. The online world can get a bad rep for causing controversy. However, if you’re the type of person who would rather raise spirits than dampen them, then pick a motivational quote from our list and post it today.

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