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Thanksgiving Decorations: DIY Place Cards Tutorial + Template

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, you’re table is the the most prominent spot of the day. The feast is the star, of course, but it needs to have a simple, yet beautiful setting to complete it. Any little touches you can do to make it your own add that much more meaning to a day that is filled with gratitude and loved ones. That is why I adore these DIY Thanksgiving place cards to add to your table setting. They have a modern farmhouse style and tie in the act of gratitude by giving each guest a spot to jot down their blessings. Plus, they are easy and inexpensive to make, and you can download my free template. I will also give you some eye catching ideas for farmhouse style Thanksgiving decorations and table settings, just because. 😉

Thanksgiving Place Card Tutorial + Template + Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving decorations for your table + place setting ideas.

Buffalo Plaid + Natural Accents

Where to get them:

Galvanized Metal + Wheat

Where to get them:

Ivory + Wreaths

Where to get them:

Cotton + Candles

Where to get them:

DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

These place cards are a simple DIY addition to your Thanksgiving table, and also encourage a grateful heart, which is the theme of the day. On the back of each place card is a spot to write what each person is thankful for, so its a great way to get all of your guests thinking about what they are blessed by in their life. I’ll make this even easier by giving you a template to print off and get you started. Get it in step one.

What you will need:

Place card supplies

Step 1: Print your template.

card stock

Start with your card stock. I used textured white card stock, but pain white is just fine. Keep scrolling for the template.

printed card stock

Each piece will have enough space for two place cards. Print off as many as you will need for each place setting. Click on the image below for the template.

Thanksgiving Place Card Template Get it

Step 2: Cut out your place card and fold.

Cut out the place cards

Carefully cut along the line for each place card. I left the line visible but you can cut inside the line if you don’t want an edge.

Fold place card.

Fold each place card in half and press down to create a crease. It should stand up like this.

Step 3: Measure, cut, and glue your ribbon.

Halloween decorations: cut the ribbon

I measured the ribbon against my place card and then used a ruler to mark where I needed to cut. Since I purchased the 1 1/2″ ribbon (because they were out of the 1″) I also had to cut the ribbon the long way. I found the ribbon at Hobby Lobby.

Mark the ribbon

This is the back of my marked ribbon.

Glue the ribbon

Once your ribbon is the correct length, use your hot glue gun to glue it to the bottom of the front side of your place card.

Thanksgiving decorations: place card

It should now look like this.

Step 4: Adhere the cotton pod.

Hot glue the cotton plod.

Grab your glue gun again and attach your cotton pod to the cork ribbon portion of your place card.

Hold cotton pod in place.

Hold the cotton pod in place until the glue has cooled and it is secure.


Thanksgiving decorations: DIY place cards

Oh so cute and ready for the final touch of adding the name.

back side of the place card

And the back is ready for your guests to write their blessings on. <3

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