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The Only DIY Face Mask You Need

In my lifetime I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars on skin care. Honestly, my teenage years were nothing it when it came to dealing with my skin in my 20s and 30s. From breakouts to blackheads to dark spots to fine lines. Before, during, and after pregnancies and all the hormone fluctuations in between. I’ve used countless products from countless companies. Then, I discovered the one DIY face mask with multi-tasking capabilities that changed my stubborn skin for the better. And, what?? It is only 3 ingredients. Bonus!

The DIY Face Mask Like No Other.

Now at age 37 I think I’ve got my daily skin care routine down. To really make a difference in the look and feel of my skin I like to get a deep clean going on with a face mask.  I’ve experimented with many different types from diy at home masks to the store bought ones that you can find at Sephora or even Target. There are a few I’ve come across that I like and still use on occasion, like this peel off charcoal mask (effective but painful), or the mud mask by Glamglow. However, after trial and error and years of getting it not quite wrong but not quite right I have determined there is only really one DIY mask that I can rely on to get results every time. The bentonite clay mask.

The bentonite clay mask is a multi tasker, as I mentioned before. It tightens and tones my skin to minimize fine lines. It cleans my pores and fights acne like a champ. This mask also reduces blackheads and brightens and evens my skin tone. How much does this miracle masks cost? Not much. There are really only three ingredients that you need to make this mask over and over and over again.

What you need:

Bentonite clay– I buy mine on amazon, and get this, it’s under $10 for a canister that will last you for months. Bentonite clay is made out of aged volcanic ash. The largest deposit of this Ash is located in Fort Benton, Montana, which is how the clay got its name. Bentonite clay has unique detoxifying properties. It is able to absorb chemicals and toxins while also releasing its many minerals for our body to use.

Apple cider vinegar– ACV has many benefits when you consume it the right way. But when it comes to your skin this pantry staple helps to aid in detoxification and protects it from harmful bacteria and viruses. Not all ACVs are created equal though. Be sure to use the brands with the “mother”, that cloudy rust-colored stuff that floats at the bottom.

Tea tree oil– this essential oil has a whole plethora of pros for your skin. It is beneficial for both dry and oily skin, including skin types that are acne prone. Just be sure to purchase the therapeutic grade.

How to Make your Mask:

Step 1:

Pour equal parts of the bentonite clay and ACV into a container, add in a few drops of tea tree oil. The mixture will begin to bubble when combined.

Step 2 :

Stir until the compound is smooth. It should be the consistency of pudding. If it’s too thin you can add in a little more clay until it’s the correct thickness.

Step 3:

Your mask is ready to use. Apply the foamy paste onto your face in a thin layer, covering all the areas you want. This is how mine looks after just putting it on. Cute huh? 😉 It will take about 20-40 minutes for your mask to dry. As it does you will feel it working and tightening.

Once it dries it will look like this. Rinse your mask off with warm water. The clay is a bit sticky so you may need to use a washcloth to gently wipe it away. Your skin may have a little redness afterward but don’t worry, it’s simply do to the extra blood flow and the cleansing process. It will subside quickly leaving your face with a beautiful glow. It’s that simple.  I try to do this DIY face mask once a week, twice if my skin is acting up. It always leaves my skin tight, bright, and mighty clean. It even works to clear up any break outs on my chest and tightens the skin on my neck.


  • 1 tsp bentonite clay
  • 1 tsp apple cider vingar with the “mother”
  • 3-4 drops tea tree oil


Mix all ingredients into a small container or condiment bowl. It should be a whipped cream like consistency. Apply in a thin layer to your face and allow to to dry. Drying time will take 20-30 minutes depending on how thin you layered it on. Wash off with warm water, gently wiping with a wash cloth if necessary.


Now that you’ve discovered the DIY face mask to improve your skin in so many ways, hop on over to our other posts and get more DIY health and body ideas.

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