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Gift Ideas for Your Guy that will Make Him Feel Like a Man

Give your guy that manly feeling with these gift ideas that are sure to make him puff out his chest with pride. Not only will he love opening up a present he can use, but it will give his man confidence a boost too. Check out our list and impress your man with the one that fits him best.

Gift Ideas for Your Guy that will Make Him Feel Like a Man

Gift Ideas for Your Guy

Tommy John Underwear

Gift Ideas for Your Guy: Tommy John Underwear

Give your man the intimate gift of, well, intimates. It might seem practical but these aren’t just your regular pair of undies. Your guy will rave about these every time he puts them on. Whether he likes briefs, boxer briefs, or a relaxed fit, Tommy John offers all the best. And, how cute is it that they also have a ladies line so you can match your main squeeze.

Man Magazines

Gift Ideas for your man : magazine subscription

Give him some good guy reading material for his down time. He’ll appreciate both the magazine and the relaxation. A few good picks are subscriptions to Field & Stream, Men’s Journal, Sports Illustrated, or Guns & Ammo.

The Ring Security System

Gift ideas for men: Ring security

Men are protectors so having weapons to use in their quest to watch over their family is important. And, in the case of the Ring Doorbell, really flippin’ cool. They’ll love being able to watch anyone who comes to your door and feel good about the extra security for their loved ones. Plus, you can also step it up a notch and give him the gift of watching all around your house with the Ring Floodlight Camera that is motion activated, has two-way talking capabilities, and an alarm.

Poker Chip Set

Gift Ideas for Your Guy: Poker Set

Give him a reason to put a poker face on with a poker chip set that he can enjoy for guys night. Maybe he’ll even win a little money. Regardless, the odds are in your favor that he will love it. You can even get him a poker table to make Texas hold em’ the real deal.

Air Rifle

Gift Ideas for your man: Air rifle

You won’t even understand the amount of satisfaction your man will get from ridding your yard of pesky pests or even just shooting down a tin can with an air rifle. However, you will have hit the bulls-eye with this gift.


Cologne for Men

He will melt every time you breath in, sigh, and tell him how good he smells. These top rated colognes will give him extra confidence as he goes through his day and appreciation for the one who gave it to him. Check them out here, Versace Eros, Dior Sauvage, or Chanel Bleu.

Magnetic Cigar Holder

I had no idea these things existed but apparently a magnetic cigar holder is really important to have when out golfing, at least that’s what my husband tells me. It’s a magnetic gadget that sticks to the golf cart and holds your guy’s cigar.

Cigar Humidor

If your guy is into the occasional cigar then take it one more step, with a cigar humidor. This high-class one will keep his cigars fresh for those times when he wants one.

Whiskey Rocks or Ice Tray

There is something pretty sexy about a man who likes the occasional whiskey on the rocks, or scotch, or bourbon for that matter. My husband was given whiskey rocks one year for his birthday. It was one of the coolest gifts because they keep his whiskey chilled but it never gets watered down. If your man prefers real ice this whiskey ice cube tray is awesome, and just like the ice they use at a whiskey bar or nice restaurant.


Men love a meat and potatoes kind of meal, but being able to smoke the meat is extra macho. Plus, it leaves some of the cooking to him so it’s really a win-win. This Masterbuilt smoker is a top-notch choice.

Cuff Links

This gift idea is great if your man wears a suit and tie to work. Or, even if he is just dressing up for an event from time to time, cuff links are a debonair man-accessory. Add them into his wardrobe along with a cuff dress shirt. He’ll appreciate the extra touch and think of you every time he receives a compliment.

Cowboy Boots

A man in cowboy boots? Yes, please! These boots scream rustic masculinity. He’ll feel like a tough guy in these and they may just become his favorite footwear.

Utility Knife

Gift Ideas for Men

Every man should have a knife. I can’t tell you how many times my husband has gotten to be the hero by coming to the rescue with his. Anything from cutting into an excessively taped package to trimming down a straw at a restaurant to make it kid size (this happens more often than you’d think), he uses it a lot. This Smith & Wesson knife is his recommendation and one of our most affordable, yet manly gift ideas.

Black Rifle Coffee

gift ideas for your guy: black rifle coffee

The name just sounds tough. Get your guy’s day started out right with Black Rifle Coffee. It is a veteran owned and operated company so you can feel good about supporting someone who has served our country. It also comes in single-serve cups if he prefers. If he is really a coffee man, check out these top notch coffee makers too. He be super stoked to have the best coffee every single morning.

A Popcorn Machine

gift ideas for men: Popcorn machine

Ok, so a popcorn machine might not seem all that manly, but I’m including it because it is seriously the best gift I have ever given my husband. If your man loves popcorn he will get so much use out of this machine. We have had ours for 7+ years and there has been hundreds, maybe thousands of batches of popcorn popped and enjoyed.

Behind every great man….

….there is someone giving him great gifts 😉 Hopefully our gift ideas inspired your gift giving this holiday season, or birthday, or anniversary, or what ever the reason may be to celebrate your guy and the man that he is.

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  1. Those boxers and all the cooking supplies are a win win. Gift for me and him. Great recommendations.

  2. My husband would love these kind of gifts! Especially if we talk about smoker and whiskey stuff! 😍🥃

    Thank you for sharing this great selection! 😊

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