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Printable Birthday Cards + Genius Gift Ideas

You know those times when you just totally spaced that you needed to buy someone a birthday card, and your schedule is so jam-packed that you can’t make it to the store? I tend to procrastinate and getting a birthday card is generally one of the things I put off the most. Even if I know a birthday is coming up I wait until the last minute to pick up a gift and card. Usually, that will send me into panic mode while I try to find the perfect present. So to avoid the scrambling I created three different printable birthday cards that I could print off at home when I found myself in a jam, and I’m giving away to my readers .

Printable Birthday Cards + Genius Gift Ideas

Printable Birthday Cards for when you need one in a hurry.

The idea came to me when my oldest son’s friend was having a birthday and I realized that I hadn’t bought him a card. My morning hadn’t gone as planned because I had forgot my wallet when I went to run errands and had to go back home to get it, not once, but twice. Yes, twice!! Don’t even ask me how that happened but my mom brain was in rare form.

By the time I got through just two errands my toddler was past nap time and over the whole shopping thing. I realized that there was zero percent chance of me getting to another store before that evening. Which was when everyone was coming over for dinner and to celebrate my son’s friend’s birthday.

I figured I would just have to have my kids make a card. However, it was a busy day and I knew giving them one more thing to do in addition to their homework and practices would not go well. That’s when I said to myself, “self….why don’t you just make one?”

So, I went home and created 3 simple printable cards and used one that very night. It was so simple, no fuss, and no stress. Here are the images of what I designed:

  • Human Bean- A funny little play on words perfect for anyone.
  • Some Peeps- The card to give from your family or a group.
  • Colorful Day- Cute card that can be either colored by a child before, or given to a child to color after (you can even add a set of crayons as part of their gift).

To grab your printable birthday cards just click the image below and subscribe to DIY Detectives blog. Then, I’ll email the PDF containing each card. Don’t worry, I won’t spam your inbox with a bunch of emails, just the occasional newsletter with more good stuff. And you can unsubscribe any time. Just follow the steps below when you are ready to print.

Birthday Cards Link

Easy Birthday Card Printing

Step 1:

Click the image above to enter your email address and get the printable birthday cards delivered to your inbox. Then, download the card PDF to your computer or device.

Step 2:

Birthday Cards Step 2a
Birthday Cards Step 2b

Choose which card you want to print and adjust your print settings for those pages. Start by printing off the front side of the card on card stock paper if you have it, or regular printer paper if you don’t. Then, take that piece and reinsert it into your printer the same way it came out only flipped so that the inside of the card can be printed on the other side. Note: your printer may vary from my pictures above depending on how it prints.

Step 3:

Fold your card in half and sign your name. Include it with their gift or on its own. It’s perfect for when your are giving money or gift cards, and a frugal addition to kids gifts.

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Genius Gift Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Get.

So you have one of my printable birthday cards, but let’s say you still need a gift to go with it. Maybe you are short on time or totally stumped on what to give. Here’s a few ideas on what to grab that your friend or family member will love to receive.


Birthday card + Gift ideas: Drink kit
  • Adult kits. Think drink kits like, margarita mix and rum, a wine spritzer kit with wine and La Croix, or bloody Mary mix and vodka. Pair it with a cute wine glass or cup and you are good to go.
Birthday card + gift ideas: Kits

Subscriptions or Boxes

There are so many options when it comes to subscriptions or boxes to buy for someone. Here are some popular choices.

Birthday Cards + Gift Ideas: Subscription Boxes
  • Amazon Prime– If you have someone you know who doesn’t have Amazon Prime they might consider you a saint if you got them a membership as a gift.

Cash or Lotto Tickets


If you intend to give cash you already have the perfect place to stow it with one of the printable cards above. However, if you want to look for a more creative way check HERE for some ideas.

Lottery Tickets

Now obviously if you are giving lottery tickets it must be to someone who is old enough to play the lottery. Lol, once you are certain of that you are in the clear. It’s a fun gift to give even if they don’t win, although winning is pretty exciting 😉


In this busy and hectic world we live in the gift of self-care is a phenomenal idea because we all need it. Some ideas for self-care gifts are:

  • a massage– get a gift card to a local spot. Or, if its for your significant other and you are on a tight budget create a coupon for a massage from YOU.
  • manicure or pedicure– its such a treat to send someone to get their nails done. A gift card is great or set a date for you to take them and enjoy some bonding time together while you get fancy.
  • other spa treatment– facials, body wraps, they are all good and all appreciated.
  • Exercise class– I don’t really like the idea of getting a gym membership as a gift, unless you’ve been specifically told they want that. But a fun yoga, Pilates, or kick boxing class is a great idea for someone who is into fitness and likes to try new things.

DIY Ideas

Birthday card + gift ideas: diy bath bombs
  • Bath bombs– There is a wide variety of DIY bath bombs you can make for a thoughtful hand-made gift.
Birthday car + gift ideas: Sugar scrub
DIY gift ideas: heating pillow or hand warmers
  • Heating pillow or hand warmers– a heating pillow is great to have around to make someone cozy. The hand warmers are a genius idea for the wintertime. Both will keep them warm and cozy whenever they need it.
Diy gift ideas: Loop blanket
  • Easy blanket– I think we can agree on the fact that we are sick of the fleece tie blanket. However, this loop blanket is the new craze in the diy blanket world. My husband’s aunt made me one while she was visiting and it is my absolute favorite blanket. So soft and cozy!
Birthday car + gift ideas: pom pom bookmark
  • Pom pom bookmark- this would be a great little DIY gift for the reader in your life. Pair it with a good book from our list and you have the perfect combo.

Don’t forget the free printable birthday cards!

Birthday Cards Link

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