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DIY Ornaments: Family Farmhouse Style for Christmas

Christmas is most definitely my favorite time of year. I don’t decorate for every holiday, but I go all out for Christmas. My favorite style is modern farmhouse, even though it is a total cliche since I live in Southern California. So when I saw a set of white ornaments with holiday words on them I fell in love…however, not so much with the price. Then I thought, I can totally DIY those ornaments. So I did, but I added a twist. I put the first name of each of our family members on them instead. Check out these sweet farmhouse style DIY ornaments and make a set for your family tree.

DIY Ornaments Family Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style DIY Ornaments for the Family

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things to do. This year I started to think about it a little early. As I was perusing through the web checking out farmhouse style Christmas tree decor I found the cutest white ornaments from Rae Dunn with holiday words, such as “joy” and “rejoice” imprinted on them in black letters.

I immediately knew it would be a perfect copycat DIY project to share with my readers. Easy and inexpensive, which is always what I aim for.

However, I wanted these DIY ornaments to have my own personal twist. I thought it would be super sweet to put my family’s names on them so that each of us had our own ornament on the tree.

So I purchased a couple items and figured out how to make these DIY ornaments by using my Cricut to create the names.

What You Will Need:

DIY Ornaments Made with Cricut

Step 1: Use design space to create your name text.

DIY Ornaments: Finding the Font

The first thing I did was to open Cricut Design Studio. I used the text option to type out each name individually. Similar cricut fonts to the one I used are Kyden or Four Seasons Home Decor. However, I used a font that was created based on Rae Dunn styles called The Skinny.

DIY Ornament: the skinny font

I easily downloaded it from and installed it onto my computer so that I could use it in the Cricut Design Space. If you need instructions on how to do this click HERE. I actually ran into a bit of trouble getting my design studio to recognize the font. However, my computer installed it just fine so I created a PNG document in Power Point and imported it into Cricut Design Studio just as you would import any other picture. Hopefully, your install with go smoothly, my computer is old and likely the reason mine didn’t, but the import option is an easy way around the problem if you need it.

The names themselves were roughly 1.5″H, and I kept each name under 3.5″W.

Step 2: Cut out your names.

DIY Ornaments: Cut the Names

Next I clicked on “make” cut and followed the prompts to cut out my names. Note: this is adhesive vinyl so you should be cutting these with the mirror option off. After they have been cut by your cricut, take your scissors and cut out each name as they are above. By doing so it make it easier to peel off the vinyl that you don’t need.

Peel off excess vinyl

Once you have them cut by your machine peel off the excess vinyl and discard. Use your Cricut tools to help you grab the small pieces in the letters.

DIY Ornaments : Names

Step 3: Transfer your vinyl cut to the ornament.

DIY Ornaments:  Transfer tape.

To do this you will need to use transfer paper or tape. Cut a piece of your transfer tape big enough to fit your name text. Peel away the back and firmly place over your vinyl. Run over the letters with your finger or Cricut tool to make them stick to the tape. Then peel back the tape so that all the letters are attached to it.

Transferring the name to the ornament.

Starting in the middle of your tape piece, carefully smooth it out on your ornament, avoiding any wrinkles in the lettering. You will have wrinkles in between the letters, but I suggest working one letter at a time from the middle to the top, then the middle to the bottom. Apply some pressure to the letter, but not too much because remember it’s glass.

DIY Ornaments:  Transferring the names

Then, slowly peel off the transfer paper to reveal your name on the ornament! Firmly run your thumb across the letters to adhere them properly. Repeat for each member of your family until your set is complete.

DIY Ornaments: finished product.
Farmhouse Family Ornaments

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  1. This are so cute! And your blog is awesome too! I’m going to be making these for family gifts this year for sure! Thanks for the awesome DIY directions and idea!

  2. I love this idea! Farmhouse decor is my favorite so I am always on the lookout for cute ideas. Definitely adding this to my list, thank you!

  3. I love these! I think they’d make adorable gifts and can’t wait to try to tackle it. Thanks for this great idea.

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