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Printable Christmas Gift Tags: A Perfect Personal Touch

When it comes to gift wrapping around the holidays, I like to make it as quick and simple as I can. That being said, I still want my presents to look pretty. Sometimes all it takes are some little touches to make a big difference. This year instead of buying all the fancy labels and cards, I created a printable so that I could make my own Christmas gift tags. It is a perfect way to dress up a present. Plus, its easy to do for anyone, even if you are a beginner at crafting. Keep reading for the DIY tutorial and free printable.

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

DIY Christmas Gift Tags with Printable

What you will need for your gift tags:


Step #1: Get your printable.

Get the Gift Tag Printable Here

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Download your gift tag template from your email to your computer or device.

Step #2: Print page one of the template to your glitter card stock.

Gift tags: Print page one

Insert your glitter card stock into your printer so that the back side can be printed on. Adjust your printer settings to print only page one and the number of copies you need. Print.

***Note: Depending on the size of glitter card stock, you may have to cut it to fit your printer.

***If your printer will not handle the heavier glitter cardstock…

Some printers may not feed the heavy glitter card stock through properly. If this is the case for you, just print page one onto a regular piece of card stock and cut out a tag to use as a stencil on the back of the glitter paper.

Gift Card: stencil onto glitter paper

Step #3: Print page two onto your white card stock.

DIY Gift cards printed

Insert your white card stock into your printer. Again, adjust your printer settings to print only page two and the number of copies you need. Print.

Step #4: Cut out your tags.

Gift Tags cut out

Using your scissors, carefully cut out your printed templates from both your glitter card stock and your white card stock. I prefer to cut on the inside of the line but you can choose.

Step #5: Use your hole punch.

Using the hole punch

Use your hole punch to punch out the holes at the top of each white card stock tag template.

Hole punching the glitter tag

Using your white card stock tag as a guide, center it on top of the glitter tag and punch the hole. This will ensure that both tags line up perfectly.

Step #6: Add your embellishment (optional).

Adding embellishments

If you are adding an embellishment such as a sticker or stamp, you can add it now. I found mine in the Christmas crafting section at Hobby Lobby. If not, skip to step number seven.

Step #7: Tie the the tags together.

Adding ties to your gift tags

With the glitter tag facing up and your white tag stacked on top, loop a ribbon, twine, or tulle through both of the holes you have punched, and tie.

That’s it! Your Christmas gift tags are ready to decorate the tops of your presents.

It’s the little things that matter most.

The holidays are all about giving to others and spreading cheer. Sometimes its the small personal touches that leave the biggest impression. Store bought gift tags are awesome and super convenient. But the ones put together by you are that much more special.

Simple Pairings

Solid color wrapping paper.

Matte Red Gift Wrap
Matte Red Gift Wrap from Amazon

I love the look of pairing these DIY gift tags with solid color wrapping paper. It’s the best way to let the tags, and your work, sparkle.

Gift bags.

buffalo plaid gift bag
Buffalo plaid gift bag from Hobby Lobby

This bag could not be any cuter, or easier, for your present wrapping. Deck it out with one of your DIY gift tags and its ready to give to someone special.

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Printable Christmas Gift Tags: A Perfect Personal Touch

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  1. What an awesome idea! These look amazing with the glitter. I love the handmade touch idea and these are just just so professional your recipients will be astonished. Will have to add this to my to do list. Thanks so much!

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