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18 Online Educational Resources for Kids

Whether your kids are on a break from school or you are wanting to supplement their schooling, these online educational resources have a lot to offer. Your kids can learn more at home in whatever subject they desire. Plus, with fun games, videos, and interactive tasks, gaining knowledge becomes a super fun activity.

18 Online Educational Resources for Kids

17 Online Educational Resources

At one point or another our family has visited and utilized many of these websites to help prepare for or supplement school curriculum. The cool thing about the research I get to do when I put together a blog post is that I discover some new things too!

Below are 18 online educational resources that I found to be packed full of value for your kids. It makes the battle over electronics a little easier too, because although your kids get use and spend time on their devices, you can feel good that its not just on a pointless video game.

These sites can help enhance their studies and keep their minds working. Try them out when they have a little down time or during school breaks.

Educational Resources + Links

ABC Mouse

Two of my kids were able to take advantage of the this website and app to prepare for their kindergarten year. It is designed for children 2-8 years old and offers lessons, games, and activities in math, science, reading, and art.

Khan Academy

As a parent who remembers very little from my high school algebra class I can tell you this will be a valuable educational resource as you help your kids with their homework though the years. Known for its helpful instruction in the subject of mathematics, it also offers lessons and courses in other academic categories for K-12 and early college, but its a great place for parents to go too.

Little Pim

Little Pim is a foreign language educational resource, but not just for anyone. It is geared towards kids ages 0-6, which is the age when learning a language is most effective. Plus, kids who are bilingual often accelerate in other academic areas.


Geared for kids ages 2-8 this website hones in on reading and phonics. It offers worksheets, videos, games, and more to help children master their skills.

Smithsonian Kids

Visit the online science game center, explore treasured Smithsonian objects, and learn about everything from animals to American history. This is a great site for kids to explore and learn some fun facts to stretch their knowledge.

Discovery Mindblown

This is another great site that gives kids an education on different topics from habitats to space and back again. Some of the categories cover super cool science facts that will blow their minds, hence the name of the site.

PBS Kids

Kids love learning through fun games, especially when it includes lovable characters that they may know from television. PBS Kids website is packed full of videos and games that all offer some type of learning.

Chess Kid

Chess is a great mind game. On the Chess Kid site children can learn how to play the game of chess. They can also safely engage with and play chess virtually with other kids.

National Geographic Kids

We really enjoy this educational resource. There are all kinds of cool things to learn on National Geographic Kids. Take some time to explore it with your children and see what types of topics they love to learn about.

Reading Eggs

This site teaches reading and comprehension to kids 2-13 years of age. It uses motivation, along with games, songs, and videos to help kids build their reading skills in a fun ways


My kids have loved this website. It is for kids in K-3rd grades and offers fun learning games and activities that teach reading, language arts, and math. It is often a program recommended by schools as a supplement to regular curriculum.

Brain Pop

Brain Pop has educational content for several subjects and helps students learn in an unconventional way. The site also has unique elements for kids such as a link to make a movie or learn more about coding.

Curious World

Kids ages 2-7 can take advantage of early learning resources with Curious George. There are games, videos, and more for them to access to help them learn more in a fun and engaging online atmosphere.


Cool Math is another site that my kids have used through the recommendation of school. There are a variety of math games and lessons that kids can do to further there skills in the subject and help their understanding.

Time for Kids

Get access to all sorts of articles for elementary age students to read and learn from. Kids will also love all of the visual appeal with the photographs that accompany each article.

How Stuff Works

Adults and kids alike will enjoy learning through this interesting site. With an array of topics to read through, the knowledge is endless. Plus, its really cool to find out how stuff works.

Scholastic Kids

Scholastic Books is known to be a great place to get books for your kids. However, they can also play learning based games through the site that get them thinking.

Storyline Online

I just had a friend, who also happens to be a teacher, post a link to this reading resource. This site allows your kids to click on a book title and watch as a narrator, in many cases a celebrated celebrity, reads a book to them. It’s really cool!

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