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“How to Draw” Videos for Kids On YouTube

This week we were able to take some time to explore YouTube. One of the videos that was quite captivating for my daughter was a simple instructional video that taught her how to draw a familiar book character. She was so interested in it I decided to find a few more. Then I got my whole crew in on the action. Below is a list of our favorite “how to draw” videos for kids, found on You Tube, that will spark creativity right at your dining room table.

"How to Draw" Videos for Kids

How We Discovered “How to Draw” Videos

This week as I was getting completely overwhelmed by the four different school curriculums I have to stay on top of during the school closures, my daughter’s amazing kindergarten teacher sent out some options for extra assignments that she thought the students would enjoy.

The school closures are, of course, due to the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic and life as we knew it has been temporarily flipped upside down. However, I’m trying to take this sudden slowdown and confinement to home in stride and introduce my kids to things we don’t normally make the time to do.

One of the options for my daughters schoolwork was to watch a short video on How to Draw Piggie with Mo Willems. So she got out a piece of paper and a pencil and I set up the ipad to play the YouTube video.

My daughter’s piggie 🙂

“How to Draw” Videos Make Art Intriguing

Not only did the video simplify drawing a character, but my daughter was so interested in it that she wanted to watch a few more tutorials on how to draw such things as an ice cream cone and a unicorn.

It was then when I decided to make a list of some fun choices and get the rest of my kids to test them out. You can see some of the finished master pieces below. It even prompted my two-year to want to get out his jumbo crayons.

Our conclusion? The videos are super fun lessons for drawing favorite characters, foods, and objects. It’s also a great way to keep everyone busy while encouraging creativity.

Sketchpad boys for how to draw videos
Sketchbook for girls for how to draw videos

So grab some paper, or check out these totally awesome sketchbooks (above). You will also need something to draw and color with. We used crayons for most of ours but we also have this set of fine tip crayola markers, which my kids love too.

“How to Draw” Videos for Kids

Your kids can choose what ever they would like to draw from my list. Then, click on our link to go view it. I’ve even organized them in categories to make it easier.


Piggie (from Gerald and Piggie)

This is the video we started with. Piggie is a lovable character from the book series Piggie and Gerald and is popular with younger elementary kids.

Mickey Mouse

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. Mickey Mouse! A classic Disney “how to draw” tutorial.

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

She’s the cutest little cartoon Ariel ever. Plus, its a pretty simple drawing for any little girl to have fun with.

Cat in the Hat

Probably one of the most iconic illustrations from Dr. Seuss that kids know, and also one they will enjoy drawing themselves!

Max (Secret Life of Pets)

My kids adore both of the Secret Life of Pets movies. Now, they can draw Max by just following along with the “how to draw” max video.

Enderman (Mincraft)

My 8 year old is really into Minecraft. He has even read a number of the Minecraft based books. So drawing a character, like this enderman, was a no-brainer.

Bruni (Frozen 2)

Frozen 2 introduced us to a few new characters but Bruno the fire spirit salamander has to be the cutest.

Pete the Cat

Every elementary age kid knows who Pete the Cat is. With the video tutorial they can illustrate their own story about Pete.

Peppa Pig

I’m not exactly sure what it is about Peppa the Pig that kids love so much. Perhaps it’s the accent, but whatever the reason, they will be excited about drawing this popular character.

Baby Shark

My two year old is obsessed with the baby shark phenomenon. In fact, I may have heard the baby shark song more time than anyone on the planet. Needless to say, his sibling can now draw him his own baby shark.


Ice Cream Cone

This cute cartoon ice cream cone looks good enough to eat. Plus, it’s an easy drawing for anyone to start with.


Bright and cheery, this little cartoon watermelon is another simple drawing to try out.

Candy Corn

This candy corn “how to draw” episode is the perfect tutorial for beginners.


It’s a sweet treat that is also another easy drawing lesson for any kid who is just getting started.


Kids can imagine a tropical get-a-way when they learn to draw this cute little cartoon pineapple.


My kids are big sushi fans, we even make our own at home. So of course they thought this episode was a fun one.

Cotton Candy

It’s another good one for beginners, but be warned, it may get them craving something sweet.



Woof, woof! This poodle will come to life on their own piece of paper when they learn to draw it in this video.


Kids will love to hang out and draw a monkey just like the one here.

Puppy Emoji

Emojis are all the rage so of course kids will get excited when they hear they can learn to draw their very own. Start with this simple puppy emoji.


Another fun animal to draw is the elephant. Give this lesson a try and see how yours turns out.


I though this one was pretty adorable, which is why its part of this collection of favorites.

Folding Shark

This lesson contains a cool surprise by teaching kids how to draw a shark that they can fold and unfold to reveal its sharky teeth.


My list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include a unicorn, right? My daughter really enjoyed this magical tutorial.


Nintendo Switch

Here’s for all the gamers out there. They can now take a little break from their Nintendo Switch time to draw it!

Cartoon iPhone

Not just a regular iphone, but an iphone with a funny face. This tutorial is a simple one too.

X-Box Controller

Kids can replicate their xbox controller by following this lesson.

See How Our Drawings Turned Out

Our "how to draw" art

I sat down all five of my kids ranging from two years old to fourteen to prove that this activity is for anyone, even adults! Plus, you get some pretty great artwork to display on your fridge.

Get More Drawing Videos

If your kids want to browse the whole collection of “how to draw” videos they can head over to YouTube and check out the Art for Kids Hub. You can also subscribe to their channel and keep the creativity flowing.

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