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5 Favorite Bread Recipes To Easily Make At Home

Perhaps you’ve been toying around with the idea of making bread, or maybe its been a habit of yours for a while. Whichever reason is bringing you to the kitchen, baking homemade bread is a great idea that your family will enjoy. Here are five bread recipes that are tried and true in our kitchen and rank as my favorites.

5 Homemade Bread Recipes

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Bringing Bread Recipes to Your Kitchen

I have baked homemade bread for years. It’s something I do nearly every week as part of a meal.

I still buy bread from the store on a regular basis but homemade bread is definitely something my family loves, not to mention it makes your house smell amazing while it’s baking.

Making bread is a really simple process. I’m not much of a baker so for me to say that means it is easy to do. The only catch is that you have to have some patience and allow the dough to rise properly. That’s how you get the best bread.

It’s also a plus to have the right kind of kitchen utensils for making bread. If you are making loaves of bread you will need a loaf pan. I have both glass and metal, but I prefer to use a silicone loaf pan, such as the one below. If you prefer a metal one, this copper loaf pan is super nice to have.

Silicone loaf pan for bread recipes

You can also get the silicone pan in the mini loaf version

And, if french bread is a household favorite, I know it is in our home (see recipe below), this French bread pan pictures below is a gem to use.

French bread pan

Don’t forget about a baking stone for perfect pizza. Then, scroll down to see the link to my favorite pizza dough.

Pizza dough baking stone

Now, let’s talk about ingredients.

The Power of Yeast

Which yeast is best for bread recipes?

There are two main types of yeast that are most commonly used when making bread: active dry yeast and instant, or rapid rise, yeast. So what’s the difference and which one should you be using?

Active Dry Yeast

This is the most common type of yeast that is sold in grocery stores. It is mostly found in packets or jars. My favorite brand to buy is Fleischmann’s yeast.

Active dry yeast comes as granules that need to be proofed, or dissolved, in water. Once triggered it is ready to help your dough rise.

Instant/Rapid Rise Yeast

This type of yeast comes in similar packaging and can be found in most grocery stores. The granules are smaller which allows it to activate faster. Instant yeast can be added directly into the dry ingredients of bread recipes, without having to dissolve it in water first.

Which should I use?

That is really your choice as the baker. I prefer to use active dry yeast over the other. However, it is best to choose one to use regularly and be familiar with.

Flour Power

Which flour is best for bread recipes?

There many different types of flour that are found on the shelves of the baking isle. Two main types are used in bread recipes, bread flour and all-purpose flour. Each of these comes in white and wheat varieties.

The difference between the two comes down to the amount of protein. Bread flour has a higher amount of protein which in turn produces gluten, the element that gives bread its elasticity and chewy texture.

All-purpose flour is best used for other baking recipes, such as cookies or muffins, or as a thickening agent in sauces. It can be used to make bread but for your best results you should try and use bread flour whenever possible in bread recipes.

5 Favorite Bread Recipes

#1 The Best French Bread

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This is the bread recipe that I make most often at home. It is so good and super simple. We like to eat it along side of spaghetti, salads, or for french dip sandwiches. It also makes amazing french toast the next morning.

#2 Pizza Dough

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We don’t order out for pizza much, but that is because we would much rather make it by using using this simple dough recipe. Most of the time I use the entire batch to make a large pizza on a big cookie sheet. However, we also like to divide it up when we are making different types of pizza, or small personal pizzas. Most often our kids make the basic cheese or pepperoni, but sometimes daddy and I get a little fancy and make our own pizza like this spicy chorizo and jalapeno pizza.

#3 Honey (or Molasses) Wheat Bread

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Out of all of my favorite bread recipes this is a great everyday loaf to make. The recipe calls for honey but I like to substitute with molasses sometimes for a slightly different flavor. It’s perfect for sandwiches or toast.

#4 Copycat Outback Steakhouse Bread

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If there was ever a copycat recipe that lives up to its name its this one. This bread is so yummy, but what sends it over-the-top is the whipped honey butter that pairs with it.

#5 Homemade Croissants

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Croissants are a great addition to a meal. However, you can also make them the main course. One way our family likes to enjoy them is by filling them with ham, cheese, and a little butter and popping them in the oven for a bit until they reach the level of melty goodness.

Happy Bread Baking!

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Best Loved Bread Recipes

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