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Really Cool Places for Kids to Sit

Kids love to find a cool spot of their own to read, watch a movie, or to simply just chill out. We took a cue from the flexible seating you might find in the classroom and brought it home as we searched for the coolest places for kids to sit. Some you can even make yourself by following the simple tutorial! From a fluffy floor cushion to the cutest egg chair, check out this variety of seating options for kids.

Really Cool Places for Kids

Cool Places for Kids to Sit

Ever feel like you just don’t have enough room on your sofa for movie night? Or do you want to create a spot that your kids want to go to read?

When our family of seven gets together in the living room to hang out, our seating arrangement is, well, let’s just call it cozy. So we’ve had to be a little creative when it comes to making room for everyone.

We also wanted to figure out seating that was a little on the unique side to make it extra special and just for our kids. Our first project was a giant floor cushion that was a big hit.

Additionally, we found a bunch of really neat options that we thought we would share with our readers in case they are for looking for seating solutions too. Check them all out below.


Places for kids to sit:  Floor cushion

We recently made a giant floor cushion very similar to the one pictured above and my kids love it. They lay on it when watching tv, or sit while playing games together. It has also been a great place to read and get homework done.


Places for kids to sit: pillow bed

Soft, cozy, and perfect for sleepovers or just chillin’ out. You can easily buy the pillow bed cover and just add pillows or make your own with this tutorial. They also roll up to store away when kids are not using them.


Indoor swing

How sweet is this indoor swing? It’s such a cute idea for a girl or boy’s bedroom. This ready made swing from Etsy can be shipped right to your door, or you can custom make your own with this tutorial from Chris Loves Julia.


More unique than just your regular kid’s seat, this egg chair brings a fun style to your home, and a great place to read. It’s available in a few different colors too.


I love anything that can serve a dual purpose. This convertible cushion can be used as a spot to sit or it can be unfolded and made into an small bed. It’s a great addition to a playroom or bedroom.


Same idea as the floor cushion that is first on our list only this floor pillow is a different size and shape. These can easily be tossed anywhere for kids to have a soft spot to sit or lay. They are also really simple to make and you can follow this tutorial from Fynes Designs.

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