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Easy DIY Outdoor Projects For Around Your House

Spring time always tends to bring with it the urge to get outside and work on new projects. Whether it be sprucing up the landscaping, gardening, or setting up the patio to enjoy during the coming summer days and nights. You may already have some concepts in mind, but you might just find our ideas for DIY outdoor projects irresistible. Check out some of the simple ways you can improve your yard right now.

Easy DIY Outdoor Projects for Your Backyard

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DIY Outdoor Projects

As we enjoy home life this spring we have been spending more time outside. Not only our days, but our evenings too. My mind’s wheels always seem to be turning when it comes to DIY projects and its no different when I’m sitting in my backyard, scanning the scenery for ideas of how we could enjoy it more.

With simplicity and budget in mind I did some brain storming of things that could be done quickly and without a huge renovation plan in place. Below are some very easy ways to improve the look and the feel of your outdoor space.

Bug Control with Citronella

One thing that can put a damper on your outdoor ambiance are bugs, especially if those bugs happen to be the kind that leave behind red, itchy bites, a.k.a. mosquitoes.

I grew up in central Minnesota so I know all about those little pests and how annoying they can be. Even here in Southern California, where I live now, we have to deal with them. Here are some ideas for making your own citronella candle to ward off mosquitoes this summer:

Citronella Candles

To make any of these you can order the same supplies I did: citronella essential oil and candle wax kit.

Hang Lights

Hang up some lights!

Give your backyard a warm and inviting touch with a strand or two of lights. They are easy to hang and an inexpensive addition to an outdoor conversation or dining area.

Line the back of your house or gazebo with them, add them to trees or bushes, or zig-zag them overhead.

Add a Hammock

DIY Outdoor projects: add a hammock.

Summer will hopefully bring you some time to relax and maybe even allow you to take a nap. So why not give yourself a comfy place to wind down outdoors.

Depending on where and how you want to hang it, you can try one of these styles:

If you are extra handy you can also build your own hammock stand.

Create a Compost

DIY Outdoor Project: create a compost.

Here’s your chance to give back to the earth, literally. many of us are trying to be “greener” these days and one way to do that is by creating a compost pile in the backyard.

Check out these easy ideas:

Plant Something

Plant Something

Gardening is a great way to get outside during the spring and summertime. However, not everyone has a green thumb. Whether you are good with plants or not there are ways you can add some life around your house with a small garden, flower bed, or some plant varieties that are hardy and low maintenance.

Here’s a few concepts for your outdoor greenery:

Build Patio Furniture

DIY Outdoor Projects: build patio furniture.
From: Angela Marie Made

This was my DIY outdoor request for our backyard this Mother’s Day. We lacked a nice conversation area or spot to just sit and relax while we watched our kids play. So I asked my husband and teenage sons to build me an outdoor sofa and matching chair. It’s a great project for them and the lumber is inexpensive.

I did order my cushions here from Wayfair because that was the most cost effective choice. I also ordered an outdoor rug to give it an even more inviting feeling.

Upgrade Your House Number

DIY Outdoor Projects: Upgrade Your House Number

Finding a unique way to display your house number can add a special touch to the look of your home. There are many do-it-yourself ways to upgrade your house number that will fit your personal style. You can search the web or Pinterest for ideas, or check out a few of these:

House Number Projects

Construct a Treehouse

Build a tree house

What’s more fun than a tree house in your backyard? It doesn’t even have to be anything elaborate, just a little spot for your kids to go to read, play, and spend some time outside.

We just recently converted an old wooden play set into a tree house. My husband used the pieces that were still in good shape and added some new lumber to complete it. It was a fun DIY outdoor project for our kids to help with and they have already spent so much time in it. They all plan on adding to it little by little over the summer.

You can easily find simple plans for tree houses, like this blog article from Bee and Roses.

However, if you would rather have a ready made tree house kit to put together you can check out this backyard discovery playhouse from Home Depot.

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