For moms: Those Days
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For Moms: There Will Be Those Days

As a mom of teenage kids down to toddler I can experience a whole array of child related occurrences in a single day. I know the days are long and sometimes, perhaps often, challenging and exhausting. Correction, always exhausting.  By the end of the day and after all of them are safe and warm in their beds it’s about all I can do to drag myself through the rest of my to-do list. From sun up til sun down my day is full of an endless number of tasks. I am doing the things that are by no means glamorous or exciting, but rather necessary, although not uncommon. It is the call of duty taken on by many mothers, every single day, for each and every one of their children. So this is for moms, because although those days are long, the years are short.

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Laugh Out Loud Mom Quotes
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Mom Quotes that Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

Sometimes it’s best not to take life too seriously, especially mom life. It’s the only place where it is universally okay to be obsessed with someone’s feet, where you can be driven to the brink of insanity one haphazardly placed LEGO at a time, and where you can suddenly have your heart melted when someone’s little hand finds your own. In the days when sleep can come at a premium and worry is plentiful, keep the mood light with these hilarious mom quotes that will have you literally laughing out loud.

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