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Summer’s best water activities and more…

You can’t think of summer with out thinking of water.  The beach, the pool, running through the sprinkler in the yard, are all a part of playtime in the summer months.  This year let your kids splash through these creative activities to keep busy and cool at the same time.

Water balloon Baseball

4 star rating

Our boys loved this one but don’t think that doesn’t mean the girls don’t enjoy it too. Both boys and girls have fun swing for the fences with water balloon baseball.

The prep for this one is what keeps them busy because once all of the water balloons are filled they don’t last all that long. Nowadays the quick fill kits make it a pretty easy activity to do.

Throw out a wiffle ball once they’ve blown through all the balloons and watch them play the kid version of America’s favorite pastime.

Bubble refill station

4 star rating

Every kid loves bubbles. This activity is easy prep and an inexpensive summer day activity that will pop their boredom bubble.

All that is needed is:

  • Beverage dispenser- your local Walmart has this one or other seasonal options. Or we also found this one on Amazon.
  • Bubbles– homemade or store bought.
  • Wands– to make this activity last try making your own bubble wands
  • Cups

Giant DIY Slip-n-slide

5-star rating

We’ve done this several times and it’s a fantastic idea for a hot summer afternoon.  Bonus tip: place giant noodles at the end so a pool of water accumulates. It’s super fun to make a big splash when they reach the bottom.

Water play Extended

3.5 star rating

Summer is all about sun and water.  You may not use all 10 of the ideas on this list of fun ways to extend water play but even if you find 2 or 3 that you like it’s worth a peek.

Activity list for kids

3.5 star rating

There are many of these lists on the web but we liked this one because it included some less common ideas like make a bird feeder and draw a treasure map. Bonus tip: let them ”bury” a “treasure” for you or their siblings to find.

Activity list for teens

4 star rating

The DIY Detectives really like this list for teens. There are far less activity ideas on the web for this age group. Maybe that is because teens generally have to pastimes these days, friends and devices. Sometime both simultaneously.  So kick the electronics to the counter, include their friends if you choose and let them burn energy rather than their battery.

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