New School Lunch Ideas to Try This Year

Are your kids bored with the school lunches you’ve been making all year?  Or maybe its the beginning of a brand new school year and you want it to be the best school lunch year ever!!  Here’s a few new school lunch ideas you maybe haven’t tried before that the diy detectives are thrilled about.

New School Lunch Ideas

English Muffin Pizzas

School Lunch Ideas: English muffin pizzas.

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Who doesn’t love pizza for lunch? This mini version is simple to make in the morning before school. I usually use my toaster oven but a conventional one works too. To make them lunch box friendly I let them cool a few minutes before wrapping them in tin foil. Great way to mix things up in your kids’ lunch box.

Thermos Ideas

Thermos lunch ideas

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This list is a 14-in-one deal with thermos ideas.  Because sending your kids a hot lunch in a thermos is a smart way to appeal to their taste buds. We especially liked the brilliant ideas of sending fried rice, cocktail frankfurters, or chicken nuggets.  Even if you have a picky eater they are sure to find something on the list that they would like in their lunch box.

Ham and Cheese Croissants

School lunch ideas: ham and cheese croissant.

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Croissants are the fancy version of the regular sandwich. My kids’ tummies are always satisfied when these yummy main courses are being served up for school lunch.  I just put them together, wrap them up individually with foil, pop them in the oven to warm, and pack them up in the kids’ lunch boxes.  By lunch tome they have cooled but are still a favorite menu item.

Mini Waffles with PB&J

School lunch ideas

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Your kids will love these mini waffles, not only because they are cute, but because they are filled with PB&J. It’s a fun twist on a regular sandwich and simple to put together during busy mornings.

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