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Summer Sips on Our Rating to-do List

Summer isn’t summer without thirst quenching beverage, a refreshing cocktail, or a heat beating smoothie.

We are predicting these 5 to be our favorites this sunny season and will be sure to sample each one.

Be a part of our rating squad and give these recipes a try. Then come back to let us know what you thought by giving it your own star rating.

Cherry lime sparkle

We predict this mildly sweet mix will rate four stars but only if you nix the maraschino cherries and use fresh ones instead. The combination of cherry, lime, and orange are sure to leave us with happy taste buds. If you don’t have any triple sec on hand, no worries. We think this drink would also work with vodka.

Tropical white wine sangria.

This cocktail has summer written all over it and will definitely be one we sample. Give it a try and let let us know in the comments section below what your star rating was for this fruity concoction.

Mexican Michelada

This recipe we HAVE tried and is a summer staple for BBQing. We felt it was our duty to make sure we passed along this spicy switch to your regular beer. Modeling, tajìn, and Tapatio or chalula are our choices for ingredients. Find the full recipe here so you can kick back and enjoy. Better yet. What makes Micheladas better, clinking mugs with your besties is the our best advice.

Arnold Palmer Iced Tea

Back in the day I used to work at this sweet little family owned restaurant. You know the kind of small town joints that serves the best broasted chicken and coleslaw around. Yep, that was it. I have also never served more Arnold Palmers on a weekend day than ever before. Mostly it was a group of old gentlemen who were just coming off the golf course and had a hankering for a 2pc dinner or a 1/2 roast beef sandwich. They loved the combo of ice tea and lemonade to go with it and since we couldn’t decide between the two we decided to give the drink that has both a place on our list of must haves this summer. Serve this to the whole fam-bam or adult it up with some spiced rum.

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Lets go bananas! Strawberry banana that is. This simple smoothie recipe from Build Your Bite is the perfect cool snack for the kids on those hot summer days. We chose vanilla almond milk as our milk type. If you don’t have frozen fruit no problem! Use fresh instead, then add it 4-5 ice cubes per serving. The kiddos are sure to go ape crazy over this when you serve it up after a park date or a swim at the pool.

Pick your fav from our list or try them all and you soak up summer and these fresh and fun summer sips.

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