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Easiest Frozen Treat Ever

If you want to serve up an easy to make frozen treat that kids love, as well as one that will keep them cool then you’ve come to right place. We like to keep things as simple as we can here at DIY Detectives , which is why we wanted to share this sweet recipe that only requires two ingredients.

Serving up your frozen treat.

You can dish out this treat to just your kids at home, or give it to a group of them.

We recently hosted an activity day for a number of kids in our neighborhood. It was held outdoors so we wanted to have a few ways to keep the kids cool. We had a couple of water activities, set out an ice table, and made sure the kids stayed hydrated.  I also wanted to give them a cool treat to enjoy.

We added the treat last minute, well sort of last minute, and made it with only 2-ingredients. There happened to be bag of 2 ingredient treatdum-dum lollipops in our cupboard leftover from a classroom project from the school year. We also had a couple of ice cube trays and silicone mold trays. Doesn’t seem like much but we came up with a simple treat that the kids loved and kept coming back for more. Here’s how we did it:

Easiest Frozen Treat: Dum-Dum Ice Pops

Step #1

Unwrapp the dum-dum lollipops and place in your ice cube tray or silicone mold tray. This emoji shape mold tray is fun or here’s a variety pack of mold shapes. Our dum-dums were starting to get a little sticky (hence the reason we needed to get rid of them) so they stood right up in the trays. However, if yours are freshly purchased you can just lay them on their side. Disclaimer: this is obviously not a sugar free treat.  However, if you’d rather get lollipops that are sugar free to avoid the energy high I’m sure they would work just as well;)

Step #2

Step 2

Add water. Fill your try with water until the dum-dums are covered.  Here we show the ice cube tray but the silicone trays with the shapes are super cute to use too!

Step #3

Frozen treat: step 3

Slide your trays into the freezer until frozen. What happens when the lollipops are soaking and before they freeze is they start to dissolve, in turn flavoring the whole ice cube.

Step #4

Step 4

Serve and stay cool.

Frozen Treat

What more could you ask for than a simple, crowd pleasing treat that takes little effort to make and gets smiles all around.


Frozen Dum-Dum Pops

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