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Teen Boy Outfits for Back-to-School

Teen boy outfits, back to school.It’s that time of year again. Time to start the rigorous task of back-to-school shopping. More than ever I try to bargain shop because let me tell you how expensive it is to shop for five kids! Each year seems to get a little more challenging as my kids develop their own sense of style, especially my teen boys, but I made it super easy by finding exactly what they needed and wanted without leaving the comfort of my sofa.  Check out all the teen boy outfits that they picked out to get us ready for the new school year.

Shopping for teen boy outfits.

I’ve always thought that my boys were so easy to buy clothes for. After all if they have a top and a pair of pants on they are usually good, regardless if they match. Basic tees and jeans were easy staples to stock up on. Last year we began a new phase, junior high school (please insert wide eyed emoji face). My 7th grader, as well as my 6th grader refused, to wear anything other than adidas athletic pants and sweatshirts. It didn’t matter if it was 60 degrees or 100 degrees. We live in southern California so that’s about the extent of our temperature range.

Their boy fashion was still pretty easy but they were starting to get pickier with what they were wearing. Now a year later, I knew it would be even more challenging with both of them in middle school, and both headstrong as ever. So I set out on a mission to dress my boys with style while trying to stick to a budget that never seems to go as far as I would like it to. Here is this year’s guide to finding your teen boys the trends they want as they head back to school (disclaimer: all items were given the approval from teen boys).

Outfit #1

teen boy outfits

This laid back look sets the vibe for our cool kids. Here’s our copycat list and where to get it:

Tokyo Super Skinny Ripped Jeans

RVCA Blinded logo tee

U.S. Polo plaid shirt

Adidas X-PLR casual sneakers Men’s sizes, Boys sizes

Boys RVCA tee

RSQ boys jeans

Teen boy outfits, U.S. Polo plaid shirt

Adidas Casual sneakers

Outfit #2

Teen boy outfits

The summer vibe could go on forever with these cool basics. When the temps are still soaring in September send your young man to school in this outfit.

Volcom tee

Rip Curl Hybrid Shorts

Van’s Skate Shoes, Men’s sizes, Boys Sizes

Boys Volcom Tee

Rip Curl boys shorts


Outfit #3

Teen boy outfits

We’re bringing fall back with this stylish look. It’s simple but eye catching, which is exactly what makes it one of our favorite teen boy outfits. Here’s how we did it:

RSQ moto Jeans

RVCA flannel

Converse shoes Men’s sizes, Boy’s sizes

RSQ boys Jeans

RVCA Boys flannel

Converse shoes

Outfit # 4

Teen boy outfits

We like how this look mixes it up a little and gives our boys a hunky young man vibe. A great outfit for school days and chillin’ with friends.

Quicksilver Sweatshirt

Levi’s twill jogger pants

Adidas X-PLR casual sneakers, Men’s sizes, Boys sizes

Boys quicksilver sweatshirt

Boys jogger pants

Adidas casual sneakers

Outfit #5

Teen boy outfits

Because I know my boys won’t totally give up the adidas athletic pants I figured I’d better include them on our back to school shopping list. This outfit is a low maintenance kind of cool and comfortable from morning til night.

Adidas Tee shirt

Adidas training pants

Adidas shoes, Men’s sizes, Boy’s sizes

Boys adidas tee shirt

Boys adidas pants

Men’s adidas shoes

Don’t forget the sweet accessories.

Jansport Backpack

Jansport backpack-teen boy outfits

Billabong trucker hat

Billabong trucker hat

Rastaclat shoelace bracelet

Rastaclat bracelet

Feels so good to be prepared.

As much as we don’t want summer to end, it’s the best feeling when our family gets our school shopping lists all checked off. This year my boys will be heading to school with a little more style, and this momma is loving it.

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