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Classic Activities for Kids that are Tech-Free

I’m always looking for easy activities for kids that don’t involve technology.  Between school and today’s society my kids get plenty of time on electronic devices. I try to limit their minutes at home but that, of course, leads to a lot of “mom, I’m boooored” statements.  Sound familiar? They are, in fact, not bored but instead need a little redirection of their energy. So I turn to some proven boredom busters that can keep your kids occupied for hours.  Check out the list below and get your kiddos busy.

Tech-Free Activities for Kids to Keep them Busy

Easy Activities for Kids

Shrinky Dinks 

Shrinky dinks are great. Kids can take the time to decorate them, and then be totally amazed as they watch them shrink before their eyes in the oven. It requires a little bit of parent assistance and a lot of creativity.
Here are two I recommend:

Perler Beads

These beads will keep kids occupied as they create and design there own shapes and objects. When they are done designing, heat up your iron and fuse the beads together. Kids love how cool it looks. There are so many great kits to choose from but this one is a good one to start with. I also recommend getting the bead vacuum for easy clean up.

Magic Ink

My kids will sit and color these front to back. The best part is that there is NO MESS!! Magic ink books are colorless markers that when applied to the magic coloring pages reveals the hidden pictures. Try out one of these sets of three books.

Maze Books

I don’t know what it is about mazes that attract kids but maze books contain a whole bunch of different ones that kids love to find their way through. There are books for different age levels too, here are a few to try out.

Pyramid Speed Cube

My 12 and 13 year-olds were obsessed with this pyramid speed cube for a long while. It’s a little easier than a traditional rubiks cube but still challenging enough to keep them thinking. Kids feel pretty smart when they finally figure it out.

Magnetic Dolls

Do you remember playing with paper dolls as a kid? Well, someone finally came to their senses and created magnetic dolls. Same concept without the frustration of punching all the outfits out of the page. My daughter sits for a long time dressing them and pretending. You can choose from a variety of dolls but here are a couple of my recommendations.

Flash Cards

If you’re looking for an easy educational activity to further your child’s learning their is nothing simpler than flash cards. Inexpensive, effective, and a great boredom buster to do with them or by themselves. Depending on your child’s grade level there are flash cards to help them learn their basics in reading and math.

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies are so fun for kids to play with. They love the fact that they can be in a completely different room and still talk to someone through that little speaker. My kids have stayed busy again and again with these. Check out this set, it comes in a few different colors and has been really durable for our family.

Rainbow Loom

Create bracelets and other fun things with the rainbow loom. This is one activity they will bring out again and again. We’ve had one for years that my two older boys were crazy about and now my 8 year-old son has pulled it out again. Follow me on Pinterest and check out my loomin’ it up board for ideas and tutorials. Its a classic activity to have around and really sweet when they want to make special bracelets for mom, dad, and all their loved ones.

Tried and true activities for kids from our family to yours.

All of these activities for kids have worked in our busy household to keep young minds and hands occupied. They are totally low effort and zero technology things for your kids to enjoy. Try each of them one by one and break the boredom spell. If you have another suggestion for more activities like these please tell me in the comments below!

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Easy Activities for Kids that are Tech-Free

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