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Stay Hydrated: How to Drink Enough Water Daily

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated each day. So why is it one of those things we let slip? Our days get busy and before we know it we find ourselves picking up our kids from school and thinking “I’m thirsty”. Then we realize we haven’t had a single glass of water the entire day, unless you count the two cups of coffee that morning. I mean, there is water in coffee, right? The fact remains that staying hydrated each day helps every system in your body operate better, and basically prevents you from shriveling up like a raisin. Although raisins are sweet, I don’t think you want to look like one, so here are some tips to get you drinking the right amount of water each day.

Tips for Drinking Enough Water Every Day

How Much Water Should I Drink Each Day to Stay Hydrated?

The proper amount of water an individual’s body needs will vary. However, the emerging rule of thumb to aim for is half your body weight in ounces per day. So, for example, if you weigh 140 pounds (don’t judge I just picked a number ;)), then you should drink at least 70 ounces of water each day. That sounds like a lot perhaps, but with the tips below you will soon be hitting that mark. There will be no raisin resemblance for you. Oh, and don’t forget to hit us up for the FREE 7 day health challenge once you’ve read through all of the tips.

Stay Hydrated: 7 Day Challenge

Yes, you WILL have to pee more often, but the pros outweigh the con.

What goes in, must come out, so there is no way to get around the more frequent trips to the bathroom. However, the benefits of water for your body are many, so drink up and get up as often as it causes you to have to. Plus, each time you walk to the potty you are burning more calories, so you can think of it that way. 😉

So what are the benefits of staying hydrated?

These are just some of the ways water is good for your body:

  • it maintains cardiovascular health and brain function
  • regulates body temperature
  • lubricates joints and helps muscles work better
  • prevents dry skin
  • cleanses the body and flushes out bacteria
  • carries nutrients to cells
  • promotes digestive regularity
  • increases energy and prevents fatigue

Tips for drinking more water.

Get a water bottle you love.

The first step to drinking water is having something to put it in. This makes it really convenient and prevents you from getting caught leaning over the sinks as you drink straight from the faucet. It wouldn’t exactly be your finest moment. So get a water bottle that you love, and then take it with you everywhere! I especially emphasize bringing one with you every time you get in the car. I don’t leave my house without it and if I happen to forget it, oh boy, I feel as if I’m missing something, like my wedding ring, or a limb. It has become that much of a habit for me to always have a water bottle along. Here are a few suggestion of ones I love <3:

Drink a glass of water first.

The very first thing you can do every morning to drink more water is to, well, start your day by drinking water. Drink a full glass of water before consuming anything else. Yes, even before coffee.

Then, be sure to drink a glass of water before each meal throughout your day. This will not only help with hydration but it prevents you from over eating as well.

Mix it up.

If you get bored of drinking just pain water then try mixing it up by varying the flavor or type of water you are consuming.

Here are a few variations to try:

  • hot water with lemon and honey, or hot tea.
  • unsweetened ice tea
  • sparkling or carbonated water, like La Croix
  • infused with cucumber, berries, or a combination. They even make a special water bottle for that!
Stay Hydrated: Infused Water Bottle
Infused Water Bottle

Order water when eating out.

Not only will ordering water when you dine out be better for your bill, but its better for your body too. If you are at a restaurant and order an alcoholic beverage, just remember the 1:1 rule. Drink one glass of water for every one adult beverage. This keeps you hydrated and also helps your blood alcohol level stay in check. Plus, it can lend a hand in preventing a hangover the next morning.

Use technology.

Try using an ap to track your water intake and set reminders or alarms in your phone each day to remind yourself to drink more water. Most water tracker aps have a reminder feature in them that you can set to go off throughout the day on your phone or an iwatch.

Other fitness trackers like fitbit also have a built in water intake tracker as part of their accompanied ap.

Make it a Habit

Remember, creating a habit takes some time so keep it up. Even if you totally crash and burn one day, get back to drinking the proper amount of water the next day. Your body will start to recognize sooner when it needs more water if you are consistently trying to consume an adequate amount. So be sure to listen to what your body is telling you and give it what it needs. No, not chocolate, WATER!! 🙂

Stay Hydrated: 7 day Challenge

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