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Workout Leggings for Every Fit Mom’s Budget

I love a good pair of workout leggings. When I exercise I want to be comfortable, but it doesn’t hurt if I’m wearing a pair of leggings that are cute too. Call it a fashionable form of motivation if you will. There are so many options out there to choose from, finding a great pair can take some trial and error. And because I know everyone’s budget is a little different, I’ve put together a list of some of the best leggings at every spending level. Check it out to see which pair you’ll be working out in next!

Workout Leggings For Every Fit Mom's Budget

Pick the workout leggings right for YOU.

Whether you like pockets, prints, or performance there is a pair of workout leggings on this list for you. And in every budget. Each category of leggings has three spending levels:

  • Budget– these are the bargain price leggings. Good quality and a fair price.
  • Mid-range– if you are okay spending a little more you can find a pair of very good quality bottoms but a step up from the budget price.
  • Splurge– It is my opinion that every woman should have at least one pair of exercise pants that she has splurged on. You won’t be sorry if you do. This level will cost you more but it will be your favorite pair you own.


Prints are all the rage right now. Find a great look, then pair it with cute solid color tank and let your legs do the talking.


Budget print workout leggings

Believe it or not these can be easily order through your Amazon account. There are several prints available too!

Mid range 

workout leggings-leopard

These Calvin Klein leopard print leggings are so sassy. Be sure to tap on over to check for any special discount codes from Macy’s.


Splurge print workout leggings

If you don’t own a pair of Lorna Jane workout leggings you need to now. They are the absolute best, and they offer a $20 discount to first time customers!


The number one thing I look for in a pair of workout pants are pockets. I don’t exercise without my ear buds in and some motivating music or an audio book playing on my iphone. Check these options out for a convenient spot to carry your device.


Workout leggings: Old Navy pockets

Old navy has a great line of affordable active wear. Be sure to check for online and in store discount codes here. They also offer extra special savings to their Old Navy credit card holders.


workout leggings: VS

These are my go-to exercise pants from Victoria’s Secret. At regular price they are on the higher end of mid-range but keep checking for sales that are run regularly.


splurge pocket legging

Lululemon does not disappoint with these totally comfortable and trendy pocket leggings.


These pants are made for performance. You will burn some serious calories in these babies, grab a pair and get to work sister!


Target performance legging

You know you are already at Target like twice a week so you might as well pick up a pair of these C9 leggings. Or if you prefer to avoid going into the store and all of your impulse buys, get them online or add them to your drive up order.

Mid- range

versatile Under Armor

For a quality pair of name brand leggings Kohl’s carries some good choices, like these performance Under Armor ones. Before you buy check their coupon page for any extra discounts.


Splurge versatility tight

Yowza! These leggings not only make you look great but they make you feel great. Lululemon gets a standing ovation for style and quality.


Okay, so I know joggers are not leggings but they are a great option for lighter workout days or for relaxing after you’ve finished exercising.


Old Navy joggers

You just can’t go wring with the price or the comfort of this pair of joggers from Old Navy. Best value hands down!


Nike makes some seriously comfy joggers. You can find this pair online at Nordstrom.


Nike Joggers

If these aren’t the most stylish joggers out there I don’t know which ones are. Nordstrom delivers again with this Nike pair. You may have a small case of sticker shock but once you put them on you’ll get over it pretty quick.



Budget mesh workout leggings

Amazon has some of the most affordable workout clothes around and these leggings with their mesh design are no different. Plus, they get rave reviews from customers who have purchased them.


Mid range mesh workout legging

Can you say “sexy”? Because that is exactly what these leggings are. Athleta really knows how to rev up the style.


I think I may have died and gone to workout legging heaven with this pair from Lorna Jane. Ooh la la is all I have to say.

Ready to Work it

Now that you’ve picked out your workout leggings, put those babies on and move your body. Get access to my 7 Day Health Challenge and focus on feeling and doing your best for YOU!

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