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The Best Workout on the Web: She’s Got Body

Best Workout

If you want to feel motivated to workout, find a routine that you like. It’s easier to fire up your ambition and get the most out of exercise when you find the best workout for YOU. Years ago I found this great workout on Pinterest called “She’s Got Legs”. However, as the title indicates it was a workout that was aimed primarily at toning your legs. I really liked it, but I wanted to tone my entire body. So rather than looking for a different workout I revamped my favorite one and made it into a total body strengthening routine. It now gives your body the best workout all over and it can be done anywhere with just a set of weights and a mat or towel.

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Getting Ready to Work It

Best Workout: 5 pound weights
I recommend these.

The original leg toning routine consists of different leg exercises in high reps counting back from 100 by tens. 100, 90, 80, 70….you get the picture. To make it a total body workout I add a set of light weights and arm moves to go with each leg exercise. Find a set of 3-pound, 4-pound, or 5-pound weights depending on your level of fitness. Always remember you can set the weights down if you start to lose form and continue on doing the movements without them. It’s better to have good form and less weight than bad form and possibly hurting yourself in the process.

Exercise Mat

Lay down an exercise mat if you have one (this is preferable). If you don’t have one, a towel will do but tends to slip more.

She’s Got Body

I like to begin this workout with 20 minutes of cardio, this is optional, but it loosens and warms up my muscles. Some options for cardio are:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Elliptical Machine
  • Biking (motion or stationary)
  • Stair Climbing or Stair Mill
100 Squats with Upright Row

After you complete your cardio, if you choose to do it, you can start with your first rep and continue through to the end.
100 squats with upright row

90 Alternating Lunges with Bicep Curl

90 Alternating lunges with bicep curl

80 Mountain Climbers

80 Mountain Climbers

Best Workout: 70 Sumo Squats with Bicep Curl

70 Sumo squats with bicep curl

Best Workout: 60 Calf raises with lateral arm raise.

60 Calf raises with lateral arm raise

Best Workout: 50 bridges with chest press

50 Bridges with chest press

Best Workout: Curtsy lunges with triceps pullback

40 Curtsy lunges with triceps pull back

30 bench step ups with over head press

30 Bench step ups with over head press

Best Workout: 20 Squat jumps

20 Squat jumps

10 Burpees

10 Burpees

Complete your workout with a 5 minute stretch to cool down. Then, hydrate your body with water, your choice of sports drink (however, I do not recommend Gatorade or Powerade as they are high in sugar), or better yet an after workout drink with BCAAs to help your muscles recover and rebuild leaner and stronger. I use AMPED Hydrate and AMPED Recover from Isagenix.

Some Extra Tips

Super Blender Bottle
  • Get a water bottle you totally love. It’s easier to stay hydrated that way. I found this super shaker bottle on Amazon and it has been my most favorite. I carried it around so much people would see it sitting somewhere and know I was there 😉
  • For an extra burn you can do this workout 2 or 3 times through but be prepared to feel the after math in the following days. The phrase “hurts so good” comes to mind. Go on, I dare ya!
  • Know that this workout is doing your body so much good, and just by completing it you are making yourself and your fitness a priority, which is ultimately THE most important thing you can do.
  • You can find an entire 28 days of workouts in one of my previous posts if you want some more great ideas. This workout included!
She's Got Body
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    1. Yes! A squat machine is great for shaping legs if you have access to it. Otherwise, I also so a ballet style workout with leg lifts, plies, and pliates hundreds. Donkey kicks are good for the booty too!

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