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6 DIY Blankets You Still Have Time to Make

Running short on time and still need to find just the right gift? Stumped on what to give to your person who has everything? Tight on money but don’t want to feel cheap? Whatever the reason is that you haven’t gotten all of your shopping done yet, don’t worry. Just give them a cozy blanket, because everyone loves to cuddle up in one. It will not only warm them up on the outside, but when they find out you made it yourself it will warm their heart too. Read on to see our top 6 picks for easy DIY blankets to make. Plus, we’ve mentioned some ideas to pair with your blanket to make it the perfect winning combo for giving.

6 DIY Blankets You Still Have Time For

Easy DIY Blankets to Give This Year

To sew or not to sew. That is the question. But either way I’ve got a blanket you can make on my list. No matter what your skill level, all of these DIY blankets are easy-peasy and a best loved gift to give for any holiday or occasion.

Blanket #1: Plaid Fleece with Pom Poms

Easy DIY Blanket Fleece with Pom Poms

This is the blanket that prompted me to create this list. Someone had given me a whole roll of fleece fabric and I had no idea what I was going to do with it. Then I saw this tutorial from Sugar Bee Crafts and created one for my daughter in very little time. It does require a little sewing but it is so easy and the pom pom details make it the cutest ever. Here’s how ours turned out.

Our DIY blanket with pom poms

Gift Combo Idea: Pom Pom Hat

Gift Comboa Idea:  Pom Pom Hat

Isn’t this hat just so cute? It keeps the pom pom theme going (p.s. I’m slightly obsessed with pom poms lately) and is another way to keep them warm.

Blanket #2: Fleece with Crochet Edge

Easy DIY Blanket Fleece with Crochet Edge

Even if you are a newbie at crocheting this tutorial from Meg Made With Love walks you through each step of adding an edge to a fleece blanket. It’s a great way to give a blanket a finished look. Plus, there are so many different types of yarn and colors your possibilities are unique and endless.

Gift Combo Idea: Classic Movie

Gift Idea: Classic Film

Let them cuddle up with their blanket while they watch one of these classic movies. Or, choose another that you know they will love.

Blanket #3: Faux Fur

This DIY faux fur blanket has such a warm and rich look. It’s also one of the easiest sewing projects you can find because it’s really just a big square. Head over to Wood Grain Cottage and see how to make this one.

Gift Combo Idea: Wine Glass Markers

Gift Idea: Cork Wine Glass Markers

They will love the idea of sipping on a glass of wine while staying cozy in their new blanket. That just sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? You can even add a bottle of their favorite wine to seal the deal.

Blanket #4: Fleece with Pom Pom Fringe

Easy DIY Blanket Fleece with Pom Pom Fringe

Didn’t I tell you I was loving anything with pom poms lately? Although, this blog, It’s Always Autumn, gives you a few more ideas on what you can use to trim your fleece blanket. Go ahead and check them out!

Gift Combo Idea: Hydroflask Coffee Mug

Gift Idea: Hydroflask Coffee Mug

Hydroflask is known for their innovative water bottles, but their coffee mugs are also pretty bomb. They come in several different colors and are perfect for coffee lovers you want there coffee to stay hot longer. Pair this with any of these DIY blankets.

Blanket #5: Fleece with Tassels

Easy DIY Blanket Fleece with Tassels

Here’s another option for a no-sew fleece blanket. You can find the tutorial at Make this one with any solid color fleece or amp it up with a seasonal or fun print to pair with your tassels.

Gift Combo Idea: Kindle

Gift Idea: Kindle

This combo is for the reader in your life. Order a kindle from Amazon that allows them to have all their favorite books in one place, they even have a kid’s version. If they already have a kindle then give them the gift of Kindle Unlimited (first month is free). They will be in book heaven with so many books at their finger tips.

Blanket #6: Finger Looped

Easy DIY Blanket Finger Looped

I watched my husband’s aunt make one of these for me while she was visiting. It is my absolute favorite blanket and I adore that it came from someone I love. It’s so soft and cozy and you can make it in different patterns. This tutorial, another one from It’s Always Autumn, shows a checkered pattern, but a color-block version is just as eye-catching and a little easier to do if you’re a first timer. Here’s what mine looks like:

My DIY Finger Loop Blanket

Gift Combo Idea: Journal

Gift Idea: Journal

So I guess its the writer in me that feels like a journal is a great gift to pair with a DIY blanket. But my guess is that you know someone who makes a habit of it. Journaling has become a popular way to show gratitude, reflect, and plan.

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  1. These are really cute! I have a couple handmade blankets around my house, and I always find that they are the coziest when I just want to curl up and relax. It could totally be a mental thing knowing someone made them for me, but whatever the reason – who doesn’t want to be cozy?

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