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Easy Craft That You Can Change for Every Holiday

Ok, so I admit it. Besides Christmas I’m not so good at switching out my home decor for the different holidays throughout the year. In fact, half the time I don’t even bother. I think I can attribute this lack of effort to the stage of life I am in. In other words, raising five kids is enough work already so redecorating each month is way down my to-do list. However, this easy craft makes being festive for each holiday super simple because all you have to do is switch the cutout on the front! Keep reading for the tutorial.

Learn How to Make a Changeable Sign for Every Season

An Easy Craft to Make and Decorate With

If you are someone who makes a habit of hauling out home decor collections for each holiday throughout the year I really give you props.

For me that tasks seems to slip through the cracks more often than not. So I’ve decided to start with baby steps.

In hopes to be a little more festive, and because I love easy craft projects, I made this little heart sign for Valentines day.

However, to prevent having to store another decor piece in the off season I wanted to make it extra practical.

With a little Velcro and some holiday themed shapes I can use this little craft all year long!

It’s an Easy Craft for Kids Too

With simple instructions and very few steps this craft is easy enough for kids to make with just a little help from an adult.

It’s a great reason to have a crafting day and some time together creating.

Tutorial for Easy Holiday Sign

What you will need:

Easy Craft: Supplies you need
  • Small unfinished wood square or blank sign
  • White acrylic paint
  • Velcro strip cut in 1/2” pieces
  • Card stock of your choice (I used glitter card stock)
  • Stencil, printer, or Cricut

Step #1: Paint your wood sign.

Easy Craft: Paint your sign

Using a small paint brush, paint your wooden sign with the white acrylic paint. I found this cute plank wood square at Hobby Lobby. It’s a 6” square, but they also have a solid 8” blank square sign.

Sign Painted

Step #2: Create your shapes.

Easy Craft: Create your shapes

There are a few ways to get the shapes you want to use for your craft.

The first method is by using a store bought stencil. You can find these at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels

The second way is to simply use your Cricut to cut out your desired shapes. It is the easiest way to quickly get a whole years worth of themed shapes from Valentine’s to Christmas.

If you do not have store bought stencils or a Cricut then you can easily use your printer to create your own homemade stencils. I’m going to walk you through this method.

Creating Homemade Stencils

Canva for creating

You can start by opening up a new Word document or an ap I love to use to create is Canva. It’s free version works perfectly to create templates for crafting. You can use it on your desktop as well as your smart phone.

Easy Craft: Creating shapes in Canva

In your word document (or A4 in Canva) insert the shapes you want to use.

Print your shapes

If you’d like you can save your templates as a PDF or PNG image. Print your templates out on a piece of white card stock. Using card stock makes your shapes easier to use as stencils.

Cut out your templates

Next, cut out your shapes.

Easy Craft:  Use your homemade stencil

Place your stencil that you just cut out on the back of your glitter card stock, or whatever type of card stock you are using for your shape. Then trace around the edge of your stencil with a pencil.

Cut out your shapes

Then cut out your shapes using the pencil line as your guide.

Card Stock shapes for your easy craft

Wallah! Now you have your shapes and you are ready to add them to your sign.

Step #3: Cut and glue the Velcro.

Cut your Velcro

You will need one piece of one side of your Velcro for your board and enough pieces of the other side to put on your shapes. Each piece can be roughly 1/2” wide.

Hot glue the Velcro to your board

Using a hot glue gun or crafting glue, adhere the piece of Velcro to your sign board.

Glue Velcro to shapes

Then adhere your other Velcro pieces to each of the shapes you have cut out.

Step #4: Attach your shape!

Easy Craft: Attach your shape

Now that the Velcro is glued on your wood sign and your shapes you can attach and change them throughout the seasons and holidays!

Some ideas for card stock to use are:

  • Glitter
  • Textured
  • Matte
  • Holographic
  • Prints
  • Velvet

You can also add embellishments such as:

  • Bows
  • Greenery
  • Pom-pom balls
  • Scrapbook accents
  • Jewels

Add Your New Craft to Your Decor

Displaying my changeable sign.

Just a few small pieces added into your decor can make each holiday a little more festive. In addition to your new DIY changeable sign, you can get the simple Valentine’s look pictured above. Here’s how:

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