Inspirational Books to Encourage you
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5 Inspirational Books to Encourage you

No matter where you are at in life there is a book for it. We’ve selected a few inspirational books to encourage our readers. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows each of the following books holds encouraging words. They teach us to live intentionally through both the ups and the downs of life. For there is a purpose for each season in life, whether it requires work or whether we can sit back and enjoy the ride. Words have a way of lifting us up and enlightening us in ways that are beyond what we see now. Below are 5 inspirational books to encourage you to change your perspective, on whatever season you are in, for the better.

5 Inspirational Books to Encourage You

Inspirational book to encourage you - 100 Days to Brave, Annie F. Downs

As the title suggests this book encourages us all to be brave.  I read this book in a small group of women. Each day we would read the passage and respond to that day’s question in a messenger group.  It was technology’s version of a book club. What I found was that each woman responded to the message in distinct ways that pertained to her situation. At the time I was in the network marketing business and needed to be brave to keep going each day. I wasn’t naturally inclined as a sales woman and I was out of my comfort zone.  Ultimately, I had only moderate success in that industry but it taught me some amazing lessons in self discipline and work ethic to bring me where I am. As a blogger I love the art and expression of writing and work everyday striving to master the craft. One woman in our group was going through a painful divorce and needed encouragement to work through her situations. Another woman made a decision to go back to school to get her masters. The words from this book were her inspiration to go for it.  If you are working towards goals, have bigger dreams, or if you are struggling through trials, open this devotional and begin to build your inner courage. You can just be brave.

Love Does, Bob Goff

In Love Does the author Bob Goff gives his reader a picture of what it can look like to live without restraint and love with reckless abandon.  His humor and “don’t take life too seriously” attitude make you feel warm fuzzies as you chuckle through the various tales of his life. As you read you will yearn for an adventure, feel the drive to make the world a better place, and be grateful for the unconditional love of the Lord.  The ultimate lesson in this whimsical book is that love takes action. When a person acts on love the results can not only be profound but a catalyst that will make a difference in more than just your own life. This can happen for each of us when love does.

Inspirational book to encourage you- Everybody Always, Bob Goff

Call this a sequel to Bob Goff’s crusade of love.  As in his first book, “Love Does”, the lessons in “Everybody Always” are to let love lead your actions.  He encourages his readers to treat everyone with love and kindness as we are called to do. You never know what others are going through and how your compassion might be the inspiration they need.  Along the way you just might allow some spectacular people into your life or find an adventure that is meaningful and priceless. This book is another fanciful collection of life stories. It allows us to glimpse how loving everybody always can affect our own lives in the most spectacular ways.

Encouraging book- Finding God's Path Through Your Trials, Elizabeth George

Lets just preface this review by saying that this book doesn’t end the difficulties the reader may be facing in life.  It is meant to help individuals push through their struggles by “counting it all joy”. In other words, the reader is challenged to find happiness within their hard times. Don’t think you can consider your troubles to be a joy in your life?  Think again. Read the empowering words in George’s book and realign your perspective to how God desires it to be. Find joy and release yourself from worry and fear as you evolve mentally and emotionally. Feel strengthened and renewed with each chapter.  Travel God’s path for you through your trials. For what is waiting on the other side is God’s promise and His answer to your prayers.

Relationship book- Love Dare

This book will bring you back to basics when it comes to your relationship and the foundation of faith it is based upon.  If you are looking for some guidance to help get your marriage back on track you will find it here. This day by day devotional focuses on elements that are meant to strengthen you as a couple. In parallel it will connect, reconnect, or draw you closer to God.  Love Dare was highly publicized when it was the main source of counseling for a troubled couple in the film ‘Fireproof’. However, this book is not just a rescue device for marriages on the brink. It can build new relationships a strong foundation to start out on and be a great reminder for strong marriages as well.   It reminds us that love, above all else, is the greatest of things.

Each of these inspirational books can be found through the links provided. If you are not sure about making a purchase, check out your local library and borrow a copy. My favorite thing to do is to buy the book and pass it on to someone who just might be encouraged by its words.

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