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Get the Secrets to Smooth and Toned Legs

Shave, exfoliate, moisturize, repeat.  Ugh, the routine us ladies have to have can be exhausting, so why wouldn’t we want the best results after putting in the effort to groom ourselves.  Well, wait no more, whether you are in shorts or jeans this season I will tell you the secrets on how to get not just smooth legs, but toned legs too.  The best part is it is simple, cheap, and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Secrets to Smooth & Toned Legs

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Get Smooth and Toned Legs.

No one wants to be seen with shave bumps, rough skin, or cellulite, right?? So what are some of the secrets to getting your smoothest legs ever? Well, I have a few that I am sharing with you that are easy and don’t cost you a load of money. In fact, these solutions are really inexpensive and you might be surprised at what products I discovered to be the best.

Plus, I’ll give you my most favorite leg toning workout that I customized for max benefits. Workout you say? Yeah, sorry, no magic pill here. But trust me, its a good one. When you start to see results, and you will, you’ll be motivated to make it a habit.

Ready for the secrets to get your best legs ever? Read on!

Secret #1: Dry Brushing

The practice of dry brushing is so simple. However, simple or not it is the secret weapon you need in your beauty arsenal to get your skin smooth and free of any bumps, or rough spots.

It’s meant to get the blood flowing in those gorgeous legs and to rid them of dry or dead skin cells. This not only exfoliates your skin but can be effective in minimizing the appearance of cellulite. That’s a win-win in my book.

However, that’s not all. You can reap additional benefits from dry brushing that are good for more than just your legs. Check out six pros from Lustre Lagoon that dry brushing can offer your whole body.

The best part is a body brush is very inexpensive. No expensive spa costs or over the top procedures here. Seriously, its less than ten dollars! Just be sure to use one with natural bristles. I found mine on Amazon.

So how do you properly dry brush? Here are a few tips.

  • Start by finding a quiet place (most likely you r bathroom) and stripping down. Dry brushing is done…well, dry, so make sure your body is without recently applied lotions or oils.
  • Begin at your feet, using long strokes and always brush towards your heart. If you want to dry brush more than just your legs simply remember to work from the ends of your limbs in towards the heart.
  • Aim for 10 strokes per section of your body.
  • Afterwards shower and moisturize as usual. If you are shaving follow our advice below.

Secret #2: Shaving Gel Doesn’t Really Matter

Yep, I’m totally serious. If you heard a rumor that you have to buy the most expensive shaving to avoid razor burn and get smooth legs, you heard wrong. The type of shaving cream you use does not actually do much for giving you smooth legs. It does, however, protect you from knicks. As far as preventing razor burn? Well, they are all sort of created equal.

Currently I am using the lavender shave lotion from Gillette. But if I am being totally honest it is only because my husband put it in my stocking for Christmas. Because I would consider that the fancy shaving cream. Before that I was just using men’s Barbasol shaving foam because I liked it.

If you really enjoy your expensive shaving cream then go with it , girl. However, it isn’t necessary for getting your best, smooth, and toned legs.

A Few Ways You Can Avoid Razor Burn

  • Use your body brushing technique before shaving
  • Make sure your razor is sharp
  • Use a razor with multiple blades
  • Apply only light pressure when shaving

Still Prone to Bumps? Try this Secret

If you still tend to get those annoying red bumps after shaving then give Tend Skin a try. Its an after shave that is gentle on your skin but helps to soothe and prevent razor burn.

Secret for Smooth and Toned legs: Tend Skin

I especially like to use it on my bikini area in the summertime because no one wants to walk around with razor burn at the beach. There is a slight tingle when you first apply it but it subsides quickly. I simply put it on after shaving and I’m good to go.

Secret #3: Baby Oil Gel

This step is a real trick. After you are done shaving and before you turn off the shower, apply a layer of baby oil gel. It’s thicker than regular baby oil and does wonders for giving you smooth skin and preventing bumps and razor burn, especially in the sensitive bikini area.

Baby Oil Gel

Baby oik gel locks in the moisture and keeps it there, giving you silky smooth legs you will love. If you want, you can still add a layer of your regular lotion or moisturizer on top of the baby oil gel, but its optional.

Secret #4: The Best Workout on the Web

Now that you know the secret to getting smooth legs, it’s time to get them toned because strong legs are sexy legs! Do this circuit 1-3 times through, three times a week and you will see and feel the difference.

The She’s Got Body workout is my absolute favorite workout to do that gets noticeable results. It started out as just a leg routine that I found on Pinterest. However, I wanted to tone my whole body so I customized it to make it even better.

Get smooth and Toned Legs with She's Got Body
She’s Got Body

Whether you use it as a total body workout or just do the leg portion you will definitely see the difference. Follow the post link to read the She’s Got Body workout article in its entirety, and see example images of the exercises.

These Secrets Get Results

I’m not kidding when I tell you this works. I stayed true to this routine. Here’s a picture of my personal results…

My results. Before and after.

Hi, I’m Megan, the creative voice behind DIY Detectives. Within these pages you will find bits and pieces of my life as a wife to a former Marine and a mom to five kiddos. I love sharing tips, trips, and tutorials of all the things we take on at home. After all, life in general is just one big DIY project.

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Top Secrets for Getting Smooth and Toned Legs
Cheap and Simple Secrets for Getting Your Best Legs

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