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Essential Kitchen Tools Gift Guide for the Healthy Eater

We all know someone who is health conscious, a whiz in the kitchen with nutritious meals, or maybe in the beginning stages of turning over a new leaf with their eating habits. So what do you buy them for a gift? Don’t worry, we’ve got you with our epic list of all of the best kitchen tools for the healthy eater. Check them all out in our gift guide below and buy them something they will not only love, but will use over and over again.

Essential Kitchen Tools Gift Guide for the Healthy Eater

Make Life Easier in the Kitchen with Our Gift Guide

I’ve been a healthy eater for a long time now and having the right kitchen tools has made it easier to make good choices. It was in my early 20s when I realized my teenage metabolism wasn’t going to last forever after all, and I probably needed to broaden my diet to healthier food options than the Doritos and Hamburger Helper I was eating (and yes, sometimes both in the same meal).

It’s been years since I’ve turned over a new leaf and since then I’ve crammed a lot of nutrition knowledge into my brain and developed a liking for foods I never thought I would, like Brussels sprouts. I’m seriously almost embarrassed to admit that my mouth actually starts to salivate when I think of them (insert drooly face emoji). Pathetic, I know. However, as I got older and further into parenthood, healthy eating became harder. I have five kids that keep me on the go so the way I prepare and serve snacks and meals has had to adapt to our way of life. Cue, the kitchen gadgets.

If you’re like me even the mention of a new kitchen tool will get you excited, because you love the idea of something that might make your life a tad bit easier. Right?!? Either that or you know someone who loves to play around in the kitchen with all the fancy stuff, big or small, that aids in their culinary creations. I just know the suspense is killing you if you haven’t already skipped this entire introduction to go straight to the tool list. So without further adieu, I give you the essential kitchen tools gift guide for the healthy eater.

Kitchen Tools Gift Guide for the Healthy Eater

Vegatable Spiralizer

Kitchen tools: veggie spiralizer

Before I purchased this vegetable spiralizer I was doing it by hand with a peeler that had different attachments. It took me so long to get through just one zucchini that I didn’t even like having zucchini noodles. Then I discovered this baby. Now I can make my zoodles in no time and have a healthy alternative to regular noodles. Think spaghetti with zoodles and a side of zero guilt. Plus, its more cost effective than buying the pre-spiraled ones. I also use it for squash, sweet potatoes, and more.

NutriBullet Blender

Kitchen Tools: Nutribullet

We use this high speed blender multiple times every single day in our house. If you plan on using it on a daily basis like we do I actually recommend the 900 Watt Pro version. If you are not going to be using it quite that frequently the 600 Watt blender is an amazing choice and a great deal. We mostly use ours for protein shakes and smoothies (fastest meal ever and the only way I ever get time for breakfast in the morning rush), but I have also used it to make baby food puree, oat flour and bean dips. I’ve even used it to puree chilies when preparing red chili sauce for tamales around the holidays.

Food Processor

Kitchen tools: food processor

Ok, so I’m going to cast away all modesty here and say, I make amazing salsa. I’m not kidding, everyone loves my salsa and its one of my claim to fame’s that I hold dear. However, if I told you how easy it was you wouldn’t even believe it. Part of that reason is my food processor. I was giddy when I got it because I knew how much time it would save me and how easy it would be to make things like salsa, hummus, natural fruit rolls-ups, energy bars, etc. There is also a 9-cup version or an 11-cup version if you have a large family like mine and need something to accommodate.

Mason Jars

Mason Jars

Mason jars are so handy for storing and transporting small meals and snacks. My favorite thing to use them for is overnight oats. Some other ideas are salads, peanut butter and celery, yogurt parfaits, cold pasta salad, fruit, or veggies. This wide mouth version is best for eating out of and makes grab-and-go food options really easy.

Silicone Muffin Molds

Kitchen tools gift guide: Silicone Muffin Pan

The worst thing about making any kind of muffin was the clean up. I hated having to scrub those metal pans, but the silicone muffin pans you can get today are so slick and makes muffin making a smooth process, literally! Some of my favorite types to make are flour-less oat muffins and egg muffins for a simple breakfast option.

Fruit Savers

Kitchen tools gift guide: Fruit Savers

We all know how good fresh fruit is, but isn’t it annoying how fast it can go bad in your refrigerator? By adding this set to your kitchen tools collection you will no longer have to worry about bad berries. These fruit savers by Rubbermaid are meant to keep your fresh fruit, well, fresh for longer! Want another insider tip? Rinse your berries in a 10:1 water and vinegar mixture. It kills any bacteria on your fruit, keeps them fresh longer, and don’t worry, you can’t taste the vinegar.

Avocado Slicer

Kitchen Tools: avocado slicer

I love a good avocado. Sadly though, after having baby #5 I developed a digestive sensitivity to them. In other words, they give me a darn stomach ache. Weird huh? But back in the day when I could freely consume them it was pretty handy to have an avocado slicer to release it from its skin. This one is extra special because it is a 3 in 1 slicer. There is an end to cut the avocado open, a part that removes the seed, and the other end to slice it. I still use my slicer but now it is to enviously serve this healthy fat to my family.

Herb Scissors

Herb Scissors

These handy dandy little things are a culinary wonder in action, which is why they made the “cut” for my kitchen tools gift guide (cheesy pun, I know). They make chopping fresh herbs like cilantro and basil a breeze. Chives? No problem. Mint? You bet. Having this tool on hand speeds up your prep time and makes using fresh herbs less of a hassle. Now if I could just know the secret to growing my own herbs (I apparently do not have a green thumb).


Kitchen tools gift guide: Mandoline

I’m a mom, which also means I’m a multi-tasker. So I like to refer to this kitchen tool as the “mother” of veggies because it does it all. Okay maybe not all but it does have 6 different cutting tools that slice and spiral anything from zucchini to potatoes. Plus it saves so much time versus having to slice veggies with a knife.

Grill Basket

Kitchen Tools: Grill basket

Isn’t everything better on the grill? Well that goes for veggies too when you can BBQ them up in this basket. I love to toss in a mixture like this recipe for balsamic grilled veggies, but there are so many options to play around with. Another benefit is the clean up is super easy too.

Apple Corer

Apple Corer and Slicer

This is one of our kitchen tools on our gift guide that is small, but mighty, especially if you have kids who like apples at snack time. It takes just two seconds to slice an entire apple and I’m not gonna lie, it makes it easier to prepare bomb after school snacks that are also healthy, like these apple & PB nachos. Yummy!

Instant Pot

Kitchen tools gift guide: Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a healthy eater’s best friend when it comes to cooking full meals quickly. There are so many amazing and nutritious recipes that can be conveniently made in this gadget.

Air Fryer

Kitchen tools gift guide:  Air Fryer

Ahh, the air fryer. The little black kitchen gadget that lets the healthy eater eat all those sinful fried foods….without the sin. It’s another small appliance that’s great for quicker cooking and allows even the busiest person to make healthy, crisp meals at home.

Ninja Foodi

Kitchen tools gift guide:  Ninja Foodi

Ready to get excited? Go ahead, because I saved the best for last on this gift guife. The Ninja Foodi is a 2 in 1 small appliance that is a pressure cooker and an air fryer. Both! It’s the latest and greatest in convenient cooking at home and is certainly something to rave about. I think this one is on ethe list of many home cooks this year, especially the busy mommas out there.

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There you have it, a complete list of my favorite kitchen tools for the healthy eater (or even the wanna be healthy eater). So which one (or two, or three) will you add to your kitchen to make healthy eating a cinch? After that, check out a few of the other lists from yours truly:

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