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9 Beautiful Quotes to Uplift You + Social Media Images to Share

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. However, in a world where so much emphasis is place on the way one looks it’s nice to be reminded that being beautiful is something that runs more than just skin deep. Feel good with these uplifting beautiful quotes. Then, download the free social media graphics to share with your friends and followers.

Beautiful Quotes with Social Media Graphics to Share

Beautiful Quotes

Beauty isn’t just something we see when we look at the faces that surround us throughout the day. It’s found in many different forms and in many different places.

Most of the time we think of beauty as a tangible thing, an object that we can see and touch. Many times it is, but occasionally beauty or beautiful is something you feel.

It’s the sense that stirs inside when you hold a sleeping child. The collection of experiences that helped you grow. The generosity of a stranger. Or the unconditional love of a spouse.

Life is full of beautiful moments, sights, and people. Below are a handful of beautiful quotes to celebrate all of them. Additionally, if you click the image below you can download all of the image designs to share on your social media feeds or stories. It’s a great way to inspire your friends too.

Beautiful Quotes Social Media Designs

9 Beautiful Quotes to Inspire You

1.) “Be you’re own kind of beautiful.”

2.) “Beauty is found in the simplest things.”

3.) “Beautiful girl, you were made to do amazing things.”

4.) “Wild spirit. Soft heart. Beautiful soul.”

5.) “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

6.) “Life is Beautiful.”

7.) “Collect beautiful moments.”

8.) “Beautifully made on purpose and for a purpose.”

9.) “Be you. Beautifully. Bravely. Boldly.”

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