Advent calendar sign.
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DIY Advent Calendar Sign for Christmas Countdown

Christmas is coming! What better way to enjoy the anticipation than to countdown the days together as a family. You can follow our holiday tutorial to make a DIY advent calendar that will become a fun and treasured part of this magical season. Plus, its a super cute addition to your Christmas decor collection and you can customized it to match your favorite style.

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Manicures at Home
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Foolproof Manicures at Home: Tips to Make it Easy

It always feels so good to have a fresh manicure. However, the the time and cost of those little nail salon trips can add up after a while. But guess what? You can have amazing nails 24/7 right from the comfort of your own house, and for a fraction of the cost. Keep reading to find out how I made it easier to do my own manicures at home, totally foolproof!!

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Mix & Match Total Body Workout
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Mix and Match Total Body Workout with Printable

When it comes to exercising I like to keep changing things up so that I don’t get bored with my workouts. Additionally, doing varied routines helps to target different muscle groups to get all over strengthening and toning. Here’s an easy way to get a total body workout by mixing and matching exercises. Plus, you can use the free printable guide to plan out multiple fitness routines that you love.

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Places for kids to sit
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Really Cool Places for Kids to Sit

Kids love to find a cool spot of their own to read, watch a movie, or to simply just chill out. We took a cue from the flexible seating you might find in the classroom and brought it home as we searched for the coolest places for kids to sit. Some you can even make yourself by following the simple tutorial! From a fluffy floor cushion to the cutest egg chair, check out this variety of seating options for kids.

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DIY Outdoor projects
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Easy DIY Outdoor Projects For Around Your House

Spring time always tends to bring with it the urge to get outside and work on new projects. Whether it be sprucing up the landscaping, gardening, or setting up the patio to enjoy during the coming summer days and nights. You may already have some concepts in mind, but you might just find our ideas for DIY outdoor projects irresistible. Check out some of the simple ways you can improve your yard right now.

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Home Science for Kids
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At Home Science Experiments That Teach About Life

Science is such a fun subject for a lot of kids. One of the areas that is universally covered in school is the cycle of life and how things change and grow. Keep reading to see which easy at home science experiments you can do to satisfy those curious minds.

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Mother's Day template
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Mother’s Day Instagram Template Questionnaire For Your Kids

Let’s have a little fun as Mother’s Day 2020 approaches by sharing some information about ourselves straight from the mouths of our kids. This year might be a little different as we celebrate under stay-at-home and social distancing orders. However, you can pass along this small activity to honor the job of moms everywhere.

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great gifts
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Great Gifts for the Homemaker in Your Life

Give the gifts that the one who runs your household will appreciate the most. From gadgets to technology, this list is not only thoughtful, but totally useful. Each one is something that makes being a homemaker a tad bit easier, a little more fun, or a special item just for them as they balance their daily to-do lists. Go ahead and check out these great gifts for the homemaker in your life.

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Bread Recipes
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5 Favorite Bread Recipes To Easily Make At Home

Perhaps you’ve been toying around with the idea of making bread, or maybe its been a habit of yours for a while. Whichever reason is bringing you to the kitchen, baking homemade bread is a great idea that your family will enjoy. Here are five bread recipes that are tried and true in our kitchen and rank as my favorites.

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How to Cook Bacon to Perfection
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Easy Way to Cook Bacon + 15 Dinner Recipes to Try

Being able to gather around the dinner table with your family throughout the week is one of the best ways to connect with one another and enjoy some time together. Sharing stories, making plans, hearing about daily events , and telling jokes are just some of the things that get discussed at our dinner table. But what can make family meal time even better? Bacon, of course! Here I’m sharing with you the easiest method to cook bacon and giving you some delicious ideas for bacon dinner recipes. Pick one or try them all!

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