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Home Workouts You Can Do in 30 Minutes

With all that you have to get done each day, fitting in a workout can often be challenging. Skipping it altogether is tempting, but here’s the catch. When you move your body for just 30 minutes a day you are not only better for yourself, but you are better for those around you. Below are 5 home workouts you can use to create a plan for daily exercise that is quick, effective, and convenient. Plus, be sure to grab our 7-day health challenge to get or stay motivated in your health and fitness goals.

Workout at Home in 30 Minutes or Less

5 Favorite Home Workouts

Workout #1: She’s Got Body

At Home Workout: She’s Got Body

This is my ultimate favorite go-to workout to tone my whole body. Years ago I found a workout called She’s Got Legs. With a little tweaking and the addition of 5lbs weights I turned it into a full body routine that your muscles will appreciate.

You can find the entire workout with pictures in my She’s Got Body post. If you don’t have a set of weights, order up this inexpensive pair below and get set for some toning and lean muscle building.


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Workout #2: 30 min HIIT

At Home Workout: 30 min HIIT

This is a workout that requires no equipment and is designed to keep your heart rate up. You can find the full article at salubriousrd.com.

HIIT workouts are made up of high and low intervals. They get your body burning calories, not just during your workout, but for hours after too.

Workout #3: 30 Minute Fat Burning Full Body

This 30 minute fat burning, full body workout from Popsugar will get you results! It is challenging and adds in the bonus benefits from resistance bands. It has quickly become one of my favorites because of its effectiveness and convenience.


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Home Workouts: 7 Day Challenge

Workout #4: Ballet Circuit

At Home Workout: Ballet Circuit

Build long, lean muscle with a dancer inspired workout. This routine will add a little variety to your exercise schedule and gives your body the chance to work different muscle groups.

No equipment required so it’s easy to do at home, or anywhere. You can visit He and She Eat Clean for the full post.

Workout #5: Full Body Pilates Ring

Mixing it up is the best thing for your body in order to get an all over workout. This 20-minute routine incorporates the Pilates ring and is a great resistance tool to give your muscles some effective strength training. The ring is so versatile too and you can find many great, quick workouts on YouTube and the web to isolate certain muscle group (i.e. your abs) or more full body routines.


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Home Workouts: 7 day Challenge

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  1. I have to admit that I am a little lazy when it comes to the gym… I’ll definitely try these home workouts

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